[Homemade] Sushi.

[Homemade] Sushi.

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  • This sushi post is locked, because of racist comments by trolls. We have dealt with the offending parties. Carry on, my dudes.

  • Pretty sure that’s Korean Gimbap.

  • Ok question. What drove you to make so much of this? Party? And honestly don’t listen to these people harassing you for calling it sushi. Great job btw looks real good.

  • I make it for my family sometimes and it is eaten very quickly. Looks yummy!

  • Don’t let the the pedantic people bring you down. It is a good job. Well done.

  • Well that’s just mouthwatering.

  • Rice to Sush ratio is a bit too rice heavy for my tastes, but would still nom

  • Damn OP, that looks really tasty!
    Save me a piece 😩

  • Would someone care to explain how this isn’t sushi? I can’t tell if there IS fish in it or not, but Japan has different types of “Sushi” too, and rolls as such are one of them.

    Nigiri is just the fish on a bed of rice.

    This (forget its name in Japan) is also one.

    Just because it’s a roll doesn’t make it not sushi?

  • I don’t see any fish

  • Im Korean and yes, it does look like Kimbap, but honestly kimbap and sushi are pretty much the same concept so keep up the good work. Haters gonna hate.

  • The first time I made sushi it turned out crappy.

  • Omw!

  • my ocd is crying about orientation, haha.

  • Did you use the sushi bazooka for this? I have one and my sushi usually looks like this

  • As much as I love sushi, I still love me a good california roll. Avocado is probably the best substitute for fatty tunny there is.

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  • Where did you get sushi grade fish?

  • Hey OP, I’m just here to tell you this is actually Korean Gimbap.

  • California rolls? Looks good!

  • This more like kimbap my dude, but you’ve been told that already. You’ve obviously got the handrolling technique, I’d suggest you try a traditional kimbap recipe (with the sesame oil rice, yellow daikon, spinich, carrot, egg and beef) it’s super tasty. You’ll see the difference in sushi rolls vs kimbap rolls soon 🙂 Both are delicious for their own reasons and have their own history.

    I grew up with both so the difference to me is very clear. I know they look similar but they taste quite different!

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