Homemade Snickers!

Homemade Snickers!

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  • I’m giving this an upvote for that baking paper cutting hack if nothing else. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that when trying to shove parchment paper into tins.

  • *vegan snickers

  • Out of all the things I’d rather just buy at the store rather than spending hours cooking it, it’s a chocolate bar.

  • Surely milk chocolate not dark?

  • “Homemade Dark Chocolate Vegan Candy Bar that is similar to Snickers!”

  • What is golden syrup?

  • Where the fuck is the caramel?

  • Do snickers bars really have peanut butter in them? Not critiquing the recipe, since I haven’t tried it, but when I think snickers, I don’t think of peanut butter. That being said, I don’t exactly have an experienced pallet.

  • Dates? Snickers? Hmmm

  • That’s not how you make nougat

  • that’s a lot of work. I’ll pay the $1.52.

  • This is wonderful! I was just thinking about how I wanted to make my dairy allergic boyfriend some Snickers. 🙂

  • These aren’t Snickers…..

  • Not even close.

  • Fantastic instruction on how to make a delicious confectionary that is not a Snickers.

  • Bummer the chocolate wasn’t tempered

  • Umm is a regular bar of snickers too convenient?

  • for someone that can’t eat anthing good because of a dairy allergy, this is awesome.

  • you had me till it was nothing like snickers and said vegan at the end

  • Snickers: Nougat, caramel, peanuts, milk chocolate.

    This: None of those except peanuts.

    Why call it “homemade Snickers? Because it looks like one and has one ingredient in common?

  • Saw dates, noped out

  • Made by someone who’s never had a snickers before!

  • Does anybody else mentally kind of add up the calorie numbers when watching these gifs?

  • Why even share this as “Snickers” when it’s the furthest thing from?

    Trying to ride to the coat tails of a popular candy bar won’t make people enjoy your wacky vegan hijinks any more

  • This looks okay, but I can’t help but feel it would be better with actual milk and milk chocolate

  • Or just go to the store

  • At first, I was like, “they definitely don’t put dates in Snickers bars.” And then the thing at the end said, “vegan snickers bars” and I suddenly realized it would be disgusting.

  • so vegan

  • I didn’t realise snickers had fruit in it. God damn it, I want to die of obesity not get healthy!

  • If I had known it was vegan from the start I probably wouldn’t have watched the whole thing BUT it looks alright. Except where’s the caramel? Isn’t that vegan?

  • How to ruin snickers:

    Step 1: Use dates

    Step 2: Don’t use caramel

    Step 3: Use “chocolate” that tastes like dirt

  • What the heck is golden sauce?! Hundred comments about bleaching sugar, and we got some sauce made outta gold and no one stops to ask?

  • This seems like the kind of thing you’d try at a party to not upset your vegan friend then toss it out when they’re not looking.

  • Bitch did what?!

  • Looks good! I’m not vegan but I love dates, peanut butter and chocolate so I’m not sure where I can go wrong with this.

    Also how do people not know what golden syrup is? Golden syrup dumplings are the food of angels.

  • “Vegan people are just so aggressive.”

    This comment section.

  • They look delicious, regardless of being vegan. Personally, for me, most full size candy bars , Snickers included, are too sweet for my tastes. I recently tried eating one of those Peanut Butter Cups with the Pieces in the middle and my teeth hurt for a while afterwards.

  • Serious question: How close are the in taste to actual snickers? My gf is on Keto and would kill for these.

  • these look delicious. But I have a couple of questions:
    1. are snickers not vegan?
    2. Do these things taste like snickers?

  • Bitch how u milk almonds. Dey aint even got titties.

  • OK, so not quite a snickers with all that peanut butter (a valid gripe…) but this sub gets sooooooo worked up over vegan recipes. Did a vegan piss in all y’all’s shoes or something?

  • Me while watching this:
    Why are there dates?
    Where’s the caramel?
    Dark chocolate? Snickers is milk chocolate. This looks gross.

    >vegan snickers

    oh, fuck off, no wonder this is gross.

  • Y tho?

  • A friend of mine thinks he can make any food item better than whichever brand/company/restaurant that it is from.

    One day I asked him “what about snickers?” He said “I could do it.” So I asked “you know how to make snickers?” He said “no, but my snickers would still taste better.” I said” what if it was the same recipe with the same ingredients and machines?” He said “yea, snickers taste like shit but if I made it, my snickers would taste better than theirs.”

    He said this with all the seriousness in his body and did not chuckle or anything.

    The fucking nerve of this guy.

  • Why dark chocolate? That’s not like a real snickers right?

  • Fuck it I’d rather buy it for 89 cents

  • I doubt this actually tastes like a Snickers bar, but I bet it tastes good.

  • This is an abomination

  • Is there one for Mars also?

  • You know Snickers are cheap, right?

  • This isn’t a Snickers…

    It’s a something… But it’s not a Snickers.

    Also dark chocolate no ty

  • Anyone cool enough to run the nutrition thru my fitness pal and let me know

  • Cease and desist

  • Why is everybody flipping their shit becuause this is vegan?

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