[Homemade] Snickers cheesecake.

[Homemade] Snickers cheesecake.

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  • Seems like something I would eat after a stressful day/week and wanna let it all hang out.

  • It looks great. Attention to detail is on point. I’d be happy just to have all of those center cuts of Snickers.

  • How did you get only that shape of snickers? Did you cut the ends off 17 snickers and save the middles for later, or is this some kind of special square snickers?

    Also I noticed there’s an odd number of them. That means there’s a missing piece somewhere and I’d like to know what happened to it. Thanks.

  • OP has delivered. I don’t do many sweets but two of my favorite are Snickers and cheesecake. You sir, have married them both in a perfect relationship.

  • Recipe? At least a detailed description, crust type, any liquor, etc.

  • Recipe?

  • This looks amazing!!

  • This makes my teeth hurt just looking at it.

  • I need this in my life.

  • That looks so decadent!

  • Sign me the fuck up.

  • this is not a cake, it’s a bomb

  • Looks like it could be a fancy-decorated version of this one:

    This chick does AMAZING recipes like this, check out her ultimate snickers cupcake recipe, the frosting is like eating an orgasm.

  • I need this in my life. It looks delicious.

  • I thought it was covered in baked beans at first.

  • Oohoo. Devilish.

  • Holy bleep!

  • I’d put that in my mouth.

  • WoW! It might take me two sittings to eat it all.

  • Now that’s a cake!!

  • Marry me now

  • I’m on board

  • This looks absolutely superb! O_O My mouth is watering. Do you have a recipe for it that you would be okay with sharing? My husband loves cheesecake and I would really like to make this for him sometime.

  • Almost licked my screen. Damn it. Make that peanut butter Snickers and my other kidney is yours.

  • Pretty awesome. I can see me reaching for the sick bag afterwards tho

  • Recipe?

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