[Homemade] Mocha Ice Cream Bars

[Homemade] Mocha Ice Cream Bars

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  • Recipe/instructions or I may have to hunt you down … 馃檪

  • This is definitely a recipe from Hot For Food! Check out their YouTube or their blog for the full recipe. I tried providing a link but it was filtered out.

    It’s their Vegan Mocha Dream Bars. They post amazing recipes as well as being down to earth and funny! 馃檪

  • Is this the vegan mocha bars from HotForFood? It looks amazing!

  • so when can I expect them at my house madam

  • Yummyyy…. I want this recipe.

  • Recipeeeee please!

  • Sauceee plzzzzszzzzzzz

  • Amazing, this dessert reminds the Kinder fetta al latte.

  • This is looking delicious. I just love such type of flavors!

  • Im going to hunt you down and eat them all

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