• Damn, I usually just do hot dogs. And half the time I’m too drunk to cook those anyways.

  • I don’t know how camping works where you are from (or where were you camping for that matter), but I think that cooking/frying or even bringing meat is a bad idea in most, if not all, cases.

    I once went camping to one of the highest mountains in Brazil (called Pico da Bandeira) and some foreign tourists (can’t remember from where) decided it was a good idea to fry some steaks in the middle of the national park leading to the said mountain.

    They did it around 8 PM and around 23 PM a full-grown Cougar visited the camp. We only knew about our visitor because someone pointed a flashlight directly to the creature and it roared really loud. In a matter of seconds it had like 10 flashlights pointing directly at it and ran off.

    The camping tents, previously scattered across the camping place (football field size) were quickly put together to make it less appealing for the Cougar to do any attempt, in case it returned.

    So yeah, don’t cook with meat in the middle of the wilds.

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