[Homemade] Gambas al Ajillo

[Homemade] Gambas al Ajillo

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  • Recipe?

  • made me hungry

  • Forking delicious!

  • These look absolutely incredible!

    I lived in Spain for 7 years and I must have eaten a metric ton of gambas al ajillo in that time lol

    My all time favourite food.. But I must say, yours are looking exceptional in this picture.


  • Jesus Christ on a cross!

  • The colour here is amazing! Looks delicious.

  • Looks awesome! I made this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was to die for.

  • Ahhhhhh I freaking miss this. Loved it so much that I ordered it almost everyday during my trip. All started from a great plate I had in Granada.

  • OMG I just want this in my mouth right now!

  • Take the god damn tails off!!!

  • Oh man….I love shrimp gambas! Jaleo in DC I would get a couple orders just for myself (damn tapas places where you get one bite because of sharing). Only thing I like about theirs over yours is thin slices of garlic as opposed to chopped but this looks very good!

  • I want this.

  • Had that at one local fish market/pella place and man, soooo good!

  • Oh, yes please

  • I first had this dish as made by a Spanish friend, but he called it Gambas al pilpil. Gambas al ajillo makes more sense to me. Anyone have any idea what the difference is?

  • Fabulous looking, and I believe it’s even better tasting??

  • Tip: Clean the sides of the plate. It adds to the look and feel of the dish tremendously.

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