[Homemade] Fruity Pebble Cookies

[Homemade] Fruity Pebble Cookies

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  • Those look amazing. I want those with a tall glass of milk.

  • Those look damn good. I’d try with cocoa pebbles.

  • This is Such a good idea. Recipe?

  • I think you should make potent cannabutter or oil and use fruity pebbles for the strain. Then make these cookies. Use fruity pebbles kif.

  • I’ve never had fruity pebbles cereal. What exactly is a “fruity pebble”? Is it just flavored/colored rice krispies?

  • [removed]

  • Why are there 2 FP posts about fruity pebbles? Are they paying people to post this stuff?

  • Looks so good!!

  • What a lovely idea!

  • oh my god

  • Are the pebbles soggy though?

  • Oh my god, those sound amazing. I never would have thought to put fruity pebbles in cookies….. I have to make this recipe NOW.

  • r/trees would probably love this

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