[Homemade] fried okra and fried White Perch

[Homemade] fried okra and fried White Perch

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  • Looks delicious!! One of my favorites is fried Crappie, homemade fries, and fried okra!!

  • That’s a southern meal if I ever saw one.

  • i read this as fried ‘orka’ hahaha, i was about to lose my shit! looks yummy, friend!

  • This is the dream here.

  • That right there was one of my grandma’s specialties, okra looks perfect for me, my grandma would have to make a batch for my brother and grandpa that was a bit burnt but they preferred it that way

  • Dayummmmm. New Orleans soul food…nuttin fancy just boss.

  • Does frying get rid of okra’s sliminess?

  • Ooooh boy I love me some crappie

  • Let’s smoke dat shit

  • Properly fried okra!!! Please take a lesson, all you fast food fried chicken and Walmart deli locations!!! No batter just rolled in cornmeal and fried๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘

  • I read fried orka lol

  • I definitely thought that was weed for a second.

  • Would you mind providing the recipe please? I love okra!

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