[Homemade] Cucumber, tomato, and hummus desert scene

[Homemade] Cucumber, tomato, and hummus desert scene

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  • I read the title as “dessert scene”… Wtf moment!

  • Hiiiiiiiiii Kevvvinnnnnn

  • you should post in r/succulents haha i love this!

  • Snackti or snacktuses

  • what did you use to stick the tomato onto the cucumbers?

  • This is super cute!!!

  • OP do you reside in Arkansas? I noticed the Post wine.

  • Awww

  • how did you season the hummus?

  • Soooo cute! May have to steal this idea for a party

  • But how do you eat this?

  • This is so adorable and creative!!!!

  • So cute!

  • I would eat most of those at one sitting. Very creative! +Title bonus!

  • That’s a fantastic fire extinguisher! I have one in every room, including my car! Very compact and lightweight as well.

  • Is that Fix A Flat on the counter ?!

  • Am i the only one who finds this overtly sexual?

  • Ha,ha

  • Incoming Rick and Morty fans

  • this…..is so pure

  • Cute but don’t think this would go over well biting through an entire cucumber. I wouldn’t bother

  • It’s pickle Rick!

  • Ok, so where’s he desert?

  • I turned my self in to a desert scene morty, I’m desert scene Pickle Rick!!!!

  • Dessert is a spoon for me and a spoon for you, 2 S’s

  • No disrespect, but dessert? Imho an appetizer that sounds delish but when I think of it as a dessert.. bleh

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