[homemade] cinnamon rolls from scratch

[homemade] cinnamon rolls from scratch

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  • My family makes cinnamon rolls every Thanksgiving and Christmas morning. It’s my two times a year I go way overboard on the binge eating. This picture isn’t helping…. They look God damn delicious. What recipe did you use for the dough?

  • This looks orgasmic. I need the recipe.

  • An adequate amount of frosting in a nice tight pan so non of the edges get crispy. Well done!

  • I dont know what it is until i read caption

  • Or the intestines of the life size gingerbread man…

  • Looks like intestines covered in omentum put in a pan

  • I need a good cinnamon roll recipe STAT! Looks good OP.

  • That’s a pretty big cinnamon roll, how much milk

  • This looks so good that I had to eat something so I could look at it in disgust

  • fuk

  • Proof is in the icing.

  • Could use some more icing. /s

    Edit: These look amazing. I would love some!

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