• Made my mouth water! Any recipes to share?

  • Looks great! Some of my favorite Chinese takeout dishes 🙂

  • Looks delicious! You were doing some cooking this afternoon lol

  • This looks so delicious! Am I a chump for saying this size of broccoli is always so hard for me to eat?

  • I want to eat dinner at your place tonight.

  • i’m a chinese and i found the american style fried wonton pretty tasty. so it doesn’t matter if it’s authentic or not, what matters is you like it this way

  • Delicious.

  • How’d you make the noodles?

  • Good job. You just made some American food!

  • Looks like my dish! I’m with the other guy, I actually salivated over this.

  • Wow now I’m starving! Looks delicious

  • I’ve been on keto for about two months now and god damn it I’ve never wanted a plate more.

  • Really love the varieties.

  • Homemade? That’s awesome! I want to lean how to cook. Especially (American) Asian-related dishes. I have a niche for that. (; -Asian-American chick lmao whose super white on the inside and can’t even relate to my heritage if that makes sense (so sad I know..)

  • Hey are you looking for a roommate? Or someone to help you eat your food

  • OP, are you not Chinese?

  • As an American living in Taiwan: this is not Chinese food.

    Also as an American living in Taiwan: send this all to me, please….

  • Gotta give you credit for putting in the hard work for the variety. Looks delicious and obviously it’s not authentic but that doesn’t matter if it’s tasty which I’m guessing it is

  • Looks like American Chinese to me.

  • Oh fuck

  • Bomb

  • Lol this is not Chinese food

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