[Homemade] Chicken Tikka Masala. My house smells amazing right now.

[Homemade] Chicken Tikka Masala. My house smells amazing right now.

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  • Man there’s been so much indian food on here lately and it all looks so good.

  • I think it’s official. Chicken Tikka Masala is /r/food ‘s favourite meal

  • It’s basically my go to curry now that *anything spicy at all* has started reacting badly with me. I really need to figure out a good recipe, thanks for the tip!

  • I’m liking this plate mate

  • My Last Meal request.

  • Love seeing all this Indian food on this subreddit 🙂

  • My god, this looks amazing. Is that naan?

  • As a desi, let me warn you: your clothes will smell amazing too.

    But not to the guys next to you on the bus.

  • Fresh cilantro is life.

  • My god, this was amazing to wake up to. 10/10 food porn, my friend!

  • I was going to make this exact recipe last Friday, but after seeing how many spices I would have to buy. I decided I have to buy the pataks premade in a jar. It’s good but not the same as homemade

  • Chicken Tikka is super popular with British people right? This looks delicious btw.

  • If by “amazing” you mean “chicken tikka”, then you are probably right.

    How was it?

  • Yes i love the smell of home made tikka masala, one time i had friends coming over and i had it already made so i just needed to make some rice and warm it up, people wanted to eat straight away ( around 14;00) i did not complain haha

  • Am I the only person in the world for whom the ‘serving suggestion’ amount of rice is always laughably small?

  • I’m Indian and the rice just doesn’t go. You eat the naan with the chicken takkar masala. You brits

  • Love chicken tikka masala. That looks amazing!

  • I did tikka Masala on meat balls. So good! I call it tikka Ma balls

  • This is looks amazing! I cannot properly prepare the rice for the life of me…Well done.

  • I’m on my way 😍

  • Yes, when I made my Fried Chicken Ravana in my apartment back in the 80s the smell was initially great

  • how about posting the recipe!!!!!! for this !!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  • I want a recipe.
    That looks amazing.

  • Did you make it on your own? Or did you have a recipe?

  • Would you be able to pm me the recipe for the chicken and the flat bread? I have always wanted to try this dish

  • I might order Indian food tonight now, if anyone is interested I really like

    • chicken chaat with a puri
    • onion bhiji
    • chicken/lamb tikka
    • reshmi kebab
    • chicken bhuna
    • biryani

    Some other stuff

  • This seems like something i would eat

  • Why is there such a difference between how good it smells when it is cooking and how awful it is when you wake up the next morning and the smell is still there?

  • Where is the recipe you monster

  • I tried this a few months back, and it turned out bland. Just needed more flavor, but I wasn’t sure what to add more of to give me what I’m used to at a restaurant.

  • Only in Reddit can you have a fucking comment that says “a lot of popular Indian dishes are British” being upvoted. There is nothing British about any of those dishes , you guys have classic British fare. I don’t call American Chinese or American-Italian foods, “American food”.

  • From everyone on reddit:
    We are grateful for the beautiful picture of your food, alas we are saddened by the lack of an invitation to such a scrumptious looking meal

  • Looks good, but sort of a random comment about the house. What does it smell of?

  • That looks like Paneer Tikka Masala (Veg) .

  • Jesus Christ, why is OP being downvoted on every response?

  • At first quick glance I thought this said “Chicken Tesla”.

    I was like, “Oh c’mon now what’s next? Elon Muscles?”

  • As a brown person I’m usually not happy with the smell of food coming from my house. Can’t get it out of clothes….

  • I love a good chick tikk mik

  • looks so good

  • Ha! Must be something in the air. I also made this dish last night.

  • Heavenly.

  • looks dayum tasty

  • How do you make those perfect chicken cubes ? Looks amazing

  • Next time, try with thigh pieces

  • Looks great! How’d you cook the chicken so they’d hold their shape like that?

  • Looks like you did a nice job, but why use white-meat?

    There’s a reason why nearly the entire rest of the world prefers dark-meat.

  • *drooling* 😛
    I miss a good plate of chicken tikka.


  • Save me a plate, I will bring beer.

  • Your suppost to eat food not take pictures of it, what are you doing trying to save a memory

  • Have you ever tried paneer? I am vegetarian and it’s my favorite. Hard to make dishes with at home, but I am trying to perfect it! I love muttar paneer (with peas). So good!

  • So does the hallway.

    -Your neighbor.

  • It looks more like a paneer tikka masala to me than chicken tikka masala. I see lots of paneer pieces. Looks delicious anyways <3

  • Chicken tikka on the grill is gods food. Memories of karachi

  • Looks fantastic…do you mind sharing the recipe for the chicken tikka masala?

  • Man that looks so amazing and delicious!

  • Those chunks of chicken almost look like paneer or tofu.

  • yum

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