His body finally caught up to his head.

His body finally caught up to his head.

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  • Your dogemon evolved

  • He looks like a wise monk about to give me life changing advice.

  • And he still likes that corner of the couch

  • Papillion/Shetand mix?

  • That’s hilarious- my great dane was the other way around: he got this HUGE meaty chest, and giant paws and meaty big legs… but then he had this teeny tiny head. It was hilarious. He looked like a bobblehead. I love seeing puppies with comically large features they have to grow into

  • Lol looks like a first and final evolution stages of a Pokémon!

  • Woah.

  • Wow just wow.

  • Abra to Kadabra

  • The first pic reminds me of one of the Fireys in Labyrinth


  • B O B B L E B O Y

  • I thought this was a long-haired deer.

  • I giggled for a whole minute. Thank you

  • Ambroshis get back here!

  • What kind of dog is that? He’s beautiful. We have two children and are thinking of getting a puppy in the next year or so. Not sure what breed yet.

  • He is still a charmer.

  • His freckles are adorable!

  • I would take advice from this dog!

  • Surpassed

  • He’s gorgeous! I can’t imagine how sore his neck must of constantly been when he was a puppy 🙂

  • He’s adorable in both pics.

  • Oh, he was so cute!

  • One more year change his name to beetlejuice

  • I had a sheltie that looked very similar to this. He was the best friend I ever had ;-;

  • Big Head Mode!

  • The ears were big already.

  • I never realized Pokémon all had oversized heads until I looked at this photo and the left side looked like a Pokémon to me.

  • I’d say his legs as well.

  • fucking r/awww


    fuck i want a dog

  • “He was a really big-headed little bastard when he was young…”

  • Nah

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