His baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he’s got the whole family wearing helmets now.

His baby wears a head-shaping helmet so he’s got the whole family wearing helmets now.

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  • [Source Tweet](https://twitter.com/SheaSerrano/status/891359534664626177). Everyone on the thread is sharing baby helmet pictures and it’s adorable.


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  • *Mr. F*

  • But why? That baby looks way too little to feel self-conscious.

  • That baby looks a little precarious sitting on the edge of the table like that.

  • If it’s anything like my family, big sis must have volunteered to make sure the baby is safe on the table…

  • They’re ready for the earthquake.

  • Get that friggin’ baby seat off the table.

  • Quit sitting the kid on the edge of tables and his head wont be fucked up?

  • [removed]

  • Does that stove only have one burner?

  • I can understand if your ill 8 year old needs to wear some medical thing so the rest of the family do too to make them feel less self conscious about it… but a baby? It barely has any concept of “self” let alone give a shit what it looks like.

  • To bad they can’t all dance if they want to, that’s only for men without hats

  • Personally I don’t think a baby that age would feel sad about being the only one wearing a helmet. They aren’t even aware that they have ears sticking out of their heads. Honestly this seems like a pretty clear attempt by the parents to go viral with a “faith in humanity restored” kind of vibe. Obviously that may not be the case, but the baby sure didn’t tell them to put on the helmets. Maybe the younger kid started this whole thing, maybe the parents genuinely felt bad. But an attempt to go viral is definitely not out of the question.

  • They should get a triangle helmet and grow him like those [fancy watermelons](https://i.imgur.com/oLgwMLy.png).

  • Please don’t put your baby on a table like that! All it would take is one baby sneeze and that kid is falling off the table with the added weight of the baby chair right on its head. Please use baby bouncers and positioners on the floor. I used to work at Fisher-Price and you would not believe the amount of injuries we would hear about form this very issue. If you want your baby high up, use a highchair. They are designed to keep your baby safe at that height.

  • Baby that needs head-shaping helmet probably shouldn’t be on the table like that. Not exactly safe.

  • My Doctor tried to market one of those to my kid. The kid can keep the bump in his head – he’ll be ok…

  • im surrounded by assholes!

  • That’s stupid

  • Ok sorry but this is just dumb

  • Why? The kid isn’t old enough to understand what is and isn’t normal… If it were the little girl who had to have it then I could understand, but not a baby.

  • Does anyone else think the father’s helmet is not fitted properly?

    It seems too small and so is sitting on top of his head instead of surrounding it…leaving most of his head unprotected.

  • So… This is just a question.

    Hypothetically, could i use a head shaping helmet to make my child have a specific shaped head? Like a star or a cube?

  • This is the kind of thing that makes me feel old as fuck. My kids’ heads were all wonky when they were infants but the doctor said that their heads would right themselves. They did. Why is this a thing? I get it that times have changed and doctors know more but still….

    Edit: I’m getting some blowback about the necessity of the helmets for many good reasons and honestly, I am not trying to offend. I know of several new mothers who are using these because they are available to correctly shape a child’s head. One thing that I am assuming is that some people are using ~~new~~ technology for cosmetic purposes. Thus, my comment about my own kids’ wonky head shapes. They looked like cute little, flat headed, Winston Churchills for a while due to their sleeping on their backs.

  • Can confirm, those baby helmets are cute af.

  • Doesn’t seem right to make the other child wear it, just because the younger one needs it.

  • But go ahead, sit the baby in a chair that’s half hanging off of a table and hope for the best.

  • I don’t think the baby is at an age of self-conscientiousness (usually 3 years old) and therefore wouldn’t care about things like appearance in the eyes of others. This leads me to believe that the father is karma whoring.

  • This type of parenting is quite disturbing. Basically you are telling the child that the world will bend to there needs. Setting them up for a rude awakening in the real world…

  • Surely the kid isn’t old enough to reject wearing a helmet because he feels embarrassed.

  • Is that what those little helmets are for? I’ve seen babies wearing em occasionally, I just figured they were to stop the kid from bonking their tiny heads.

  • One of my buddy’s kis had to where one of these and they had it airbrushed and it looked like an aviator helmet with goggles. It was awesome.

  • Read a study where they found these things don’t do shit.

  • My son was born with craniosynostosis. This is condition where the sutures in an infant’s skull fuse prematurely. It happens in about 1 in 2000 births. This prevents the skull from expanding width-wise to accommodate the infant’s growing brain. Instead, the brain will expand length-wise in the skull, which results in bulges in the front and the back of the head.

    The condition can be corrected through surgery, but the surgery must occur early on while the skull is still soft and is still growing. The skull is removed from the head, broken up into pieces to reshape it into the proper shape, re-attached with screws and plates, and then placed back in the head.

    After the surgery, my son had to wear one of those helmets for about a year. The helmet helped shape the skull as it healed. It is provided a bit of protection until the bones hardened.


  • Always prepared for the unexpected bike ride 😁

  • Baby is too young to give a shit though

  • That’s the dumbest thing I have ever seen. And I’m a teacher.

  • Why? It’s not like the kid has the mental capacity to care… People seriously need to research child cognitive development. That toddler doesn’t give a fuck.

    Also, the fuck puts a fucking baby on a fucking table like that? Are you fucking serious?

  • I was under the impression that babies only need these helmets when the parents fail to turn them over every so often, and they get a flat spot from lying down in the same position for too long. Is this not the case?

  • ‘She added that babies with very severe skull flattening were not studied.’ AKA the ones that need the helmet, that see incredible improvements. (Source: Son has one, and after 1.5 months symmetry in his head has improved 50%)

  • Why the fuck is the baby on the edge of the table? Stop wearing helmets and start looking after your baby for fucks sake

  • Baby can’t comprehend social stigmas of wearing a bike helmet, we’ll just go ahead and wear them too to make him feel better about it. Even though he has no clue what’s goin on

  • It’s really unsettling seeing all the comments questioning the parents and talking about the self esteem of the baby. I understand the skepticism being a redditor comes with but I think some of you need to step back and really think about what you’re saying. To see a picture and automatically jump to the conclusion that this father is forcing his young child to wear a helmet so his baby doesn’t feel weird is absurd. It’s a family, doing things that family’s do. If my kid came up to me and said they wanted everyone to wear their rain boots for the day, I’ll be dammed if I wouldn’t spend the day walking around in my rain boots, even if it’s the sunniest day of the year. Just calm down reddit

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