High Speed Redneckery

High Speed Redneckery

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  • O, boy. High-speed rototilling with an audience. What could possibly go wrong? {This’ll be one of those times when the EMT’s show up and ask, “They were doing WHAT?!” to the survivors}

  • Rednecks have a long tradition of making their own fun. You either get it or you don’t I guess.

  • Always put your money on the stocky farmgirl.

  • “Ok good – got this one well framed for the start… 3… 2… 1… SWITCH SUBJECTS!!!”

  • At last, the South shows some historical accuracy.

  • What are those?

  • The Confederacy has fallen. USA! USA!

  • And here I thought lawn mower racing was ridiculous

  • It’s the Civil War all over again. This proves that it wasn’t about a “states right to choose.”

  • The union wins again

  • The Confederacy always loses

  • Pop pop!

  • It’s not about how fast you till. It’s how well you till FAAAAAAST!

  • And no one has the sauce / source yet?? I wanna hear those run!

  • Oh yeah, well I can till a garden in 30 seconds!

  • At least the confederate one lost, that’s about all I took away from whatever that was.

  • But why?

  • If the South would’ve won, she’d had it made.

  • People still put up the slave flags? in public?

  • No over-sized gardening tool race would be complete without a tool with a confederate flag.

  • America, What the fuck!

    Why do you want to die so badly!

  • Pointless white people activities.

    Whatever keeps you amused I guess.

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