Hi Reddit! I’m Ron Naveen. NBC just called me “The Birdman of Antarctica” I’ve been counting penguins (the canaries in...

**My short bio:** I’m Ron Naveen, the Penguin Counter! I want to get you pumped about my work and the messages my penguins are sending about climate change that we shouldn’t ignore — like, when the warming comes our way, will we humans adapt or not? You can check us out on NBC (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGwGyx056Hg) and the Oceanites website (https://oceanites.org). Also, my counters and I are the subject of a great new documentary film called THE PENGUIN COUNTERS (https://www.penguincountersmovie.com/#home1). The work we do and the weather we face are grueling. The terrain is hostile and we’re only kitted out with golf-ball-sized tally-whackers and waterproof spiral notebooks. But our data has been instrumental in conserving Antarctica and penguins, and spreading the word about the most important issue of our time. Me and my penguins are fighting climate change – How About You? Help support our critical work (https://oceanites.org/support-oceanites/). Let’s talk it up!

**My Proof:** https://oceanites.org

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  • How much expertise do you have in bird law?

  • What’s the connection between counting penguins and climate change, if any? (Thanks for the work you do!)

  • What’s your favourite type of penguin (mine is Adélie)?

  • How do you count penguins? Sorry if this question sounds silly but I would imagine that they move around a whole lot.

  • Have you noticed any concerning trends in penguin population lately?

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  • What are some weird things you’ve seen or heard there that you can’t explain?

  • What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen a penguin do?

  • If Antarctica is already protected, why is your work needed?

  • *Birdperson

    Also, what’s your favorite trait about Penguins?

  • [removed]

  • Tell me a typical travel day back to Antartica? Where is your start point? How do you get there?

  • This is unusual. But I heard from a rumor that global warming (or over time) has increased the amount of homosexuality in penguins. Any science behind this? Just a crazy rumor? Or maybe because one day someone decided to count and said “hey that’s a lot of homosexual penguins!” ? I wanna say I hear about it in the museum of sex a few years ago…

  • Hey, after your experiences, I wondered, what is the meaning of life?

  • How many penguins do you expect you’ve counted?

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