Hermione has some opinions…

Hermione has some opinions…

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  • From what I remember, most witches and wizards don’t really believe in prophesies and the like, or are at least super cautious about it. Even Dumbledore said he wasn’t too keen on Divination.

  • Did JKR ever give some background info for step 1 here? I mean honestly I’d expect a logically thinking and pragmatic girl like her to call bullshit on a letter from a ‘wizard school’.

  • Sorry but this is BS. She didn’t just pull that opinion out of her ass, she clearly says sh talked to McGonagall and that was her opinion. McGonagall might be wrong, but Hermione isn’t being close minded or quick to judge without evidence or experience.

    Not to mention that based on Trelawney’s conduct in the classroom, it was perfectly reasonable to doubt her.

    Edit: corrected McGonagall’s name.

  • Magic still has rules. Just because we can cure disease using medicine doesn’t mean that any crack pot person with some plants can fix your cancer.

    Hermione extensively studies magic and would know about how prophesies would work, and nothing she has seen of Trelawney or her class has made her believe that she knows what she’s talking about. The class seems more like if you took a psychology class and the teacher starts going off about how mentalism is real

    It is amusing however that Hermione is not bothered by her Arithmancy class, which is just fortune telling with numbers

  • but like theres magic and then theres MAgic

  • I also HATE how closed minded she is about the deathly hallows when they first learn about them from Mr. Lovegood. “THEY CANT BE REAL HARRY.” Well, guess what Hermione. Wrong again.

    Edit: *hallows*, not gallows. Thanks again, autocorrect.

  • In fairness, she never says that she doesn’t believe in divination at all, just that Trelawney is a total fraud – which is a pretty common opinion…

  • I wonder if the thought ever crossed Hermione’s mind to use the time turner to help her predict the future and outsmart Trelawny?

  • **Hermione Granger:** *comes from muggle world and discovers magic*

    **Hermione Granger:** *learns about fairies and unicorns and dragons and centaurs*

    **Luna Lovegood:** “It must be a Crumple-Horned Snorkack!”

    **Hermione Granger:** “Rubbish, no such creature exists in this world!”

  • Not to mention it was real. This part bugged me every time. Im guessing she had a problem with trelawny rather than prophecies?

  • Surely it makes sense though I mean she knows time travel is possible therefore by definition premonition can’t be as time could change.

  • Hermione is a scientific mind; she simply doubts Trelawney’s methods and ways of predicting the future, doesn’t she? She doubts that magic is involved. And she is correct, Trelawney is pretty much bullshitting everyone most of the time, much like Lockhart. In all of the books actual magic can be observed and quantified to a certain degree, and the way centaurs approach the magic of predicting the future (or Trelawney in her two subconcious moments) seems like the only one possible – it might seem deterministic, but in the end no wizard can claim to stand above others and grasp more than the next person, staring at tea leaves or stars. Hermione embraces magic as science 2.0, where everything possible can be learned, read about, tried and proven or disproven, and when she shows disgust by Trelawney’s teachings she does so because what she had learned about the subject was pretty much the opposite of what Trelawney tried to sell to her (or the school and Dumbledore).

    Tl;dr: Hermione knows her shit.

  • She was amazed by the science of wizarding, so she learned it. All of it. She has more of a right than most to call divination bullshit.

  • Since Hermione came from the Muggle world, she was very interested in HOW everything in the Wizarding world worked because the Muggle world is very much based in science and technology. That’s why she studied everything to learn the theories behind magic. But she didn’t find much evidence of Divination being credible, Dumbledore himself referring to it as obscure and inaccurate. Dumbledore wasn’t even going to offer the class because of how much he didn’t believe in it. So whether Dumbledore or Hermione is right, it isn’t unreasonable to have that opinion.

  • Hermione was using the time turner the year she was taking divination. She could have really freaked Trelawney out by “predicting” and event later in the day that she’d already seen. Would have been an easy A if she had wanted it.

  • Was it that she didn’t believe in prophecies though? Or that she didn’t believe Trelawney possessed the ability? Honestly, I agree with Hermione. Besides the two prophecies (that Trelawney herself, was not aware she made), her “prophecies” and “lessons” were bullshit.

  • I always thought it was more of Hermione didn’t believe the professor could divine and was a crock pot, she didn’t see the value in the class and wanted to invest her time elsewhere in other subjects. After all, Ron was fairly gifted if unknowingly in the subject.

  • For some reason I read Hermione’s response in a South Park Canadian accent.

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