Hercules beetle larvea

Hercules beetle larvea

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  • God, I love the fully grown Hercules beetle, but man the younger versions are for nightmares.

  • thats fucking disgusting, yet cool…. nice op.

  • 10/10. This is everything I love about biology , evolution, horror , metal and nature. The beetle goes from a tiny cute pokemon like grub to a massive horrific larva, to a Cronenberg-esk emergence, to a hardened alien like moving creature, to something utterly beautiful and strong.

  • Thats so interesting, but christ it just made me want to vomit my dinner back up

  • Stupid question: is there any chance that beetle recognizes the handler throughout its metamorphosis cycle?

  • Damn, that’s 12,000 bells right there.


  • Never in fucking shit would you catch me holding that motherfucker what the fuck

  • That rapid growth between the first and second larval stages was pretty “rest of the fucking owl”

  • Disgusting enough to make me want to look away, interesting enough not to šŸ™‚

  • Life was a mistake.

  • The larva is so disgusting, yet the end result is so magnificent.

  • They grow up so fast šŸ˜¢

  • I hated every second of this video….but couldn’t take my eyes off. Yuck.

  • Bear in mind that the creature at every stage of that gif is genetically identical.

  • This is where Tremors came from.

  • Wow, honestly the beetle is cool but the larvae is insane. It looks like a stick of sentient butter.

  • Xenomorph ?

  • I hear that Hercules and Goliath beetles are cool pets, but only live about six months.

  • Pretty sure that thing is a Zerg

  • So much protein. I like it

  • Evolution is a scientific miracle. Also super gross

  • Nope nope nope

  • I always m thought Pinsir just existed! This is a terrifying realization

  • It took herculean effort to grow so fast

  • I’ve seen a lot of disturbing things on this site but for some reason this is by far the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Nope, Iā€™m done.

  • Does that thing have wings???

  • Those the bugs timon and pumbaa be eating in the lion king or nah?

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