He’ll grow into it [x/post r/dogpictures]

He’ll grow into it [x/post r/dogpictures]

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  • This dog exudes a confidence I wish I had.

  • Aww Just a tiny baby. He needs to lay down. It’s nap time.

  • Haha, poor little tubberface.

  • Bruh i’m so fucked up right now man

  • Doesn’t even know what life holds for his cuteness

  • Look at those paws. He’ll definitely grow into it.

  • I made a noise unbefitting a 25 year old dude.

  • my naym is pup
    and i am gold
    when i gro big
    and smart and tol
    i’ll halp my frens
    and be their eyes
    but for now
    awoo at sky

  • He’s got such a cute fat lil face! And look at those whiskers! And eye whiskers! Would they be called eyebrows? Haha who cares!! He’s so cute!! 😍😍

  • Gimmi him now!

  • have a good night sleep puppy..

  • He goes “Bidbidbiddibdibbidbibdibibdibibdibibidibbidibib”

  • I dream of being a big doggy.

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