Heavy raining turns a bridge into a waterfall.

Heavy raining turns a bridge into a waterfall.

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  • Surely there’s a drainage fix here. Driving on an elevated stream seems a bad idea on the surface.

  • I would NOT be driving on that old bridge with all that extra loading. Water is really freakin heavy.

  • As a stormwater management engineer this is pretty much a huge disaster. They completely screwed up, assuming they cared at all.

  • Kamianets-Podilskyi, Ukraine. Novoplaivsky bridge was turned into a waterfall after heavy rain hit the city on June 26 2017.

    [The bridge when it’s not raining.](http://i.imgur.com/iVX9o4d.jpg)

    [Driving over the bridge](http://i.imgur.com/kjmjo5o.gifv)

  • The water must be running onto the bridge from a road, so unless there was a failure when constructed to put in suitable gullies to stop water making it onto the bridge, the pre drainage points must be blocked. Usually a road leading onto a bridge would have a camber that channels running water off to each side, either poor design or lack of maintenance.

  • Looks like a bridge under troubled waters

  • Now that’s cool. Where is it?

  • That’s a lot of weight on that bridge. Must be spec’d to carry a much heavier load then it would ever realistically take (unless an engineer honestly considered the idea of “bridge waterfall”).

  • If you slide off, all you need is the Zora armor.

  • Yeah, I’m no engineer, but that doesn’t look good.

  • A dirty, oily waterfall.

  • Go underneath it and open your mouth

  • everybody saying this is bad design/ engineering but i think it looks pretty cool. Man made waterfall

  • That would look nice if the water was clear and blue

  • End of the World bridge, that’s what I’d call it.

  • Pretty

  • Well, that’s alarming.

  • JASON!

  • That actually looks beautiful

  • Shaun! Shaun! ….. Shaun! …..Shaun! Shaun! Shaun!

  • Does that mean all bridges are dry waterfalls?

  • There’s a rnotmyjob guy involved with this.

  • You guys should see a similar bridge that turns into a lake during a storm here in the Philippines.

  • I like Heavy Rain™

  • That’s some Jurassic Park shit!

  • Damn

  • Well that’s a no from me.

  • Civ/Arch Engineers of Reddit, could the weight of that much water damage a bridge that size? If not, how much would it take?

  • At least you know it’s watertight

  • I wouldn’t drive on that thing if my life depended on it. Those people are idiots.

  • This is amazing

  • Ah heeeeelll naaaahh

  • So beautiful. Love waterfalls

  • Hopefully heavy rain doesn’t turn the bridge into a one way elevator…

  • They didn’t listen to TLC and started chasing em.

  • Dead load gonna equal dead drivers. No thanks!

  • I really like the way this gif flows

  • All-wheel drive!

  • I wonder if the engineers ever calculated for this load? Add that question to the many reasons why I wouldn’t be on this bridge in this situation.

  • Send it!

  • I dont even see any rain though

  • It must be dangerous for vehicles to cross this bridge, authorities should do something

  • Man, hopefully there weren’t any critters on there when it started.

    People should know better than to fuck with a flooded bridge, not too worried about them.

  • Mostly evenly distributed, but not static. There is too much flow to that water. I don’t know exactly how to calculate that, but it wouldn’t be a static load calcuation.

  • Looks safe. Let’s go for it!

  • I thought that was a dam for second

  • If you update one then you need to run the numbers for the other. Otherwise you risk adding a dangerous amount of weight to the bridge. It means the whole bridge was checked and updated at that time. Fairly standard work.

  • built as intended, what my prime minister would say

  • OMG…It should be very dangers for traveling..!

  • Don’t go chasing waterfalls


  • Shawn!!

  • Heavy rain?


  • SHAUN!!!!!

  • /r/crappydesign

  • Assuming English is not your first language, it should be “heavy rain,” not “raining.” Cheers. The drains must be clogged.

  • Kinda messed up that all that water is going to the rivers unfiltered. Poor fishys

  • Not a civil engineer, but similar, if that bridge was built in 1872 it was probably built correctly and with the proper drainage. Over that length of time the bridge has probably settled a little, and the roads have certainly been rebuilt, resurfaced and raised. High roads, built in the Soviet Era so probably with little forethought regarding drainage, leading to lower bridge surface, naturally leads to something like this, if the bridge was built well enough to withstand it. Probably not much that can be done without major infrastructure work. You don’t just drill big drain holes in an old structure like that.

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