He found the only pole in the lake

He found the only pole in the lake

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  • This looks intentional af

  • ” that’s a tiny pole…. oh shit wait !!!!”

  • Thank god he was wearing a life jacket. That was a close one.

  • What did he think was going to happen?

  • If this is real that guy is seriously injured. His boat is not designed to protect against head on collisions like a car.

  • What that little thing?


  • Drunk or kid?

  • Target fixation?

  • With the tiny pole into massive pole twist ending, this is some expert-level post titling.

  • I feel this is the modern equivalent to running before learning to walk. I mean, you should learn to operate a boat before you try to show off some sick moves.

  • Holy shit oww

  • Is he retrying a busted myth? I feel like I’ve seen this before…

  • He found both of them.

  • Bind or stupid ?

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