Having Fun With Scale

Having Fun With Scale

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  • Scale is negotiable, Democracy is not!

  • The shape reminds me of the Iron Giant.

  • Now that’s what I call I Big Boy.

  • “The Giant Robot may be our greatest scientific achievement, made possible only because of Element 115.”

  • I am not sure how many of you know that…. Originally, Liberty Primes size was meant to be like that, so people can control the robot from the inside of the robots head. An engine could not handle such big size, so they made him way smaller.

  • Origins robot triggered

  • …So what game is this?

  • I play fallout 4 and have no clue what’s going on here. Can someone explain

  • Game?

  • “You are who you choose to be.”

  • Superman!

  • Fallout 4?

  • This is beyond amazing.

  • That’ll show the omnics

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