Hard water is no friend to copper pipes

Hard water is no friend to copper pipes

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  • My arteries look like that.

  • How do you get rid of that shit?

  • How would you know your pipes are in this condition? Without cutting the pipes?

    -we have copper pipes.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if this were Phoenix. Their water is kept in reservoirs made up of calcium rich plagioclase.

  • Used to do maintenance/welding repairs at “power house” facility’s around the south east. Water is supplied by a nearby river, and the enormous inlet pipes (like 60″ pipe or larger) for these plants would look like this. It didn’t take near as long as you would think for them to clog up either.

  • Looks like you have a mint stuck in your pipe.

  • Looks like that pipe was from a hot water line. You typically wouldn’t see this happen on a cold water line unless the water was heavily oxygenated.

  • After the first thing layer, does the material of the pipe even matter any more?

  • I know nothing about this subject but why dont water plants soften the water?

  • Hello water scales, my old friend

  • Okay kids today we get to see how “Jaw Breakers” are made…

    Lets go check out the back ghetto area of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! Since, we only got copper tickets!

    Oh and by the way, it might be hazardous to your health…

  • Maybe try soft water next time

  • Omg!! How do I know if I have pipes that look like that? Just got a water quality report from my utility department. What should I look for?

  • Actually, it seems to be it’s best friend. Its put down a lovely protective mineral layer to protect it from erosion and water baddies

  • How long did it take to reach this state?

  • But is a friend to lead pipes!

  • Wow thats most of the pipe volume taken up there!

  • Looks like a frosted donut

  • What’s the rate of kidney failure like in your county?

  • Hard water tastes so much better though

  • If hard water really deteriorating copper pipes, so it’s hardness should be removed basically hard water generally contains magnesium and calcium ions and thus water produce less lather with soap, it could simply be removed by boiling if it’s temporary hardness otherwise adding washing soda could remove permanent hardness as well.

  • Ion-exchange resin (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion-exchange_resin) can easily softnen water with not-so-heavy maintenance, basically add salt now and then to a small pool next to the resin pipe.

    It’s way more efficient then reverse osmosis in home environment, since it doesn’t require that much pressure.

    It’s also cheap compared to RO, in terms of complexity, initial price and maintenance.

    It probably is less effective in removing dissolved substances other than calcium carbonate (and similar carbonates) than RO, but since these are 99% of the shit you find in pipes they are highly effective in its purpose.

  • “Hard” water? I thought water wa/s like, liquid?

  • Hard water? Isn’t that called ice?

  • /paging /r/nofap (nsfw)

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