Hand painted tile design

Hand painted tile design

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  • Only 2000 more to finish the dining room

  • Pity they don’t show it after firing.

  • Satisfying to watch, but my lord, what tedium. And I thought my job was boring. This is just one tile of how many in the final installation? Kudos to them for the patience.

  • I could watch this shit alllll day, reminds me of the dude that makes crazy pancakes.

  • I was nervous the whole time that they were going to mess it up. More like /r/mildlynervous

  • Anyone have a finished view of these tiles installed?

  • No its not. The gif ends as soon as he finishes. Thats oddly infuriating

  • There are some parts of the tile on the left that are imperfect… I couldn’t stop looking at them.

  • Is this not frustrating to anyone else? If they are creating perfect designs then it should be automated. If I’m buying hand painted tiles what’s the point if they look machine made?

  • Pretty satisfying, but that is a shitty-ass looking tile

  • Something tells me there’s a much more efficient way of doing this

  • This is just operating on surface tension. As long as you don’t have Parkinson’s you could be able to do this.

  • If he painted it purple, it’d look like a rennigan from Naruto…

  • This gave me tingles

  • At least he finished painting it but couldn’t I just get a second to look at it?

  • When you think it might spill over the edge but then it fills in perfectly

  • damn if you have to do all of that by hand. What insane price would one square meter of these tiles cost?

  • This is more like color by number

  • this seems too easy..

  • Why do these GIFs *always* end the second the work is finished? They should have 3-4 seconds at the end just showing the completed product so we can actually see it in its entirety. I always end up pausing the GIF so I can look at it. I’ve never understood this.

  • Way too long.
    Honestly, not very satisfying.
    Didn’t show the whole thing (finish).
    Still getting 11k up votes.

    This sub is going downhill fast.

  • Also mildly infuriating that the bottle says navy blue and that’s definitely not navy blue

  • /r/gifsthatendattherighttimebutdontshowtheendforlongenough

  • I was waiting for the gif to end before the last line was done. So happy it finished.


  • The thing is, we all know exactly how this gif is ending. But all the same it is still soooo satisfying.

  • That guy sure has some patience. I would’ve either messed up or given up halfway through.

  • Would’ve been more satisfying if they kept going the same way towards the end of the gif

  • I have no idea how I would do it differently, but this feels inefficient for some reason.

  • Awesome. I want to see it turn ‘navy blue’ in the kiln!

  • I was gonna be so mad if this gif didn’t finish

  • I really like the perception that the black outline is indented instead of lifted which keeps the paint in place. Making this a lot less impressive than actually it is…

  • My hands were shaking just watching that.

  • It seems like this would be pretty easy to do, the black lines stop the paint from overflowing

  • I immediately assumed this would be r/gifsthatendtoosoon material.

  • Anyone else get intense anxiety wondering if the paint would bleed over the black lines?

  • Sure it’s satisfying, but it’s not a very pretty design.
    “You know what tile design I want for the kitchen? Grey circles on brown”

  • Thank God for automation…

  • Hmm wonder if the lines were treated with a hydrophobic substance. If so, I could probably even do that. Still cool though.

  • And now do it 9k more times o_o

  • Today on demolition ranch were going to see how many tiles it takes to stop a 50 cal.

  • *20 years later*

  • Thank you for not ending this gif too soon as it usually happens.

  • Could’ve been an excellent candidate for r/gifsthatendtoosoon

  • 20% Skill, 80% Surface Tension

  • Oddly satisfying my ass, this made me nut

  • Did no one else notice the tiny dot of tan in the black bullseye??? /r/mildyinfuriating

  • Whew so happy that this gif went long enough for the painting to finish.

  • I was getting nervous hoping that it wouldn’t end early.

    Sigh of relief.

  • I’d kiln for a steady hand like this.

  • I thought this was one of those artistic pancake videos lol

  • Oh I didn’t see what sub this was so was waiting for it to go wrong somehow funny. It was oddly unsatisfying tbh

  • This made me unnecessarily anxious.

  • Oh the sweet satisfaction. I had to double check to make sure this wasn’t /r/gifsthatendtoosoon lol

  • I feel like there’s nothing odd about this being satisfying.

  • Everyone’s so much mor talented than I’ll ever be, smh.

  • #I swear to got OP if this shit ends early I’m gonna find you and-



  • Yes, but how did the get the circles on?

  • This is neat af

  • I need this person to come paint my nails once a week. I’m a fucking disgrace.

  • Oh god imagine the gif ending just before the tile is fully painted Nooooooo 😨😨

  • This made my anxious

  • Looks more like a glaze than paint, still dope nonetheless

  • I had a mild panic attack throughout the whole gif that they would make a mistake and ruin it

  • Robot could do it for less.

  • How do they keep it from going in the cracks??

  • There is absolutely no reason why a human should do this.

  • This is stupid.

  • It’s so tedious I can hardly watch.

  • That looks like a lot of work for something so bland.

  • What happens if a mistake is made?

  • Just imagine one accidental drop in between. God that would be infuriating.

  • Walks over to put it in the kiln, steps on cats tail, tips it, oops!!

  • ooooooooh that was a good one

  • Therapeutic AF.

  • This is so satisfying. Holy crap

  • While cool the implied thought of having to meticulously paint enough to actually be used on a floor or other large surface makes me twitch.

  • Silky

  • I want more

  • That shit better self level cos those first two rings were bothering me lol

  • The sub should really just be named r/satisfying

    Edit: Ok I guess that actually exists!

  • Can we point out how fresh that jacket is?

  • Just put it in a dough splitting machine instead next time

  • I’m embarrassed of how many times I’ve watched this…

  • i need to know the science behind the satisfaction

  • I could do not do that. I admire people with steady hands.

  • Kinda makes me anxious he’s going to mess up cuz he goes so fast towards the edges

  • That must feel so satisfying to do.

  • Look at my boring, generic design that takes forever!

  • Get in here [Tile-fucker](http://imgur.com/gallery/wdgwYbo), this is your thing.

  • I’ll take four thousand, you can email me when they are done.

  • 23 more and we can get to work on the back splash.

  • I don’t even have enough patience to finish the gif, let alone to try and do that.

  • I feel this would be amazing in reverse

  • This is more high-stress than oddly satisfying for me.

  • I can feel my blood pressure lowering (which is a good thing) as I watch the paint meet the lines.

  • I really like this tile pattern, if you know what I mean.

  • It was so satisfying to watch.

  • /r/gifsthatdontendtoosoon

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