Had to have a bilateral lung transplant due to catching the cold. AMA

Last year I caught the flu, it progressed horribly. I then later got pneumonia, bronchiectasis, bronchiolitis obliterans. I was then put onto the transplant list after 9 months of attempting other
solutions. Don’t know how much proof I can provide other then my first X-Ray post operation – Link: http://imgur.com/Zyu963d

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  • What’s your prognosis/life expectancy with your new lung?

    I recently learned that getting a heart transplant, for example, only gets you a few more years.

  • Whos lungs did you get?

  • What is that heart-shaped line in your XRay?

  • Does breathing feel any different with the new lungs? Or is it too had to tell because the old ones had been bad for an extended period of time?

    So scary this resulted from something that is generally harmless. I’ve had a cold become bronchitis and pneumonia, but thankfully it stopped there.

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  • Did you have any history of lung disease or immune system issues before this happened, or was it just a really powerful strain of flu?

  • How much does the transplant cost?Can insurance hopefully cover it?

  • What’s it like having a new lung? Is breathing much better with the new one in place?

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