Guys, meet Oscar.

Guys, meet Oscar.

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  • You a good boy, Oscar. Here, have a karma, go buy yourself a tennis ball.

  • I dunno OP, this photo is all over Pinterest, and I really doubt it spread that far in a couple of hours. Scrolled for a good few minutes on one of the pages it was supposedly saved from and couldn’t find it, so it has to go back pretty far.

  • OP a liar!

  • Op why do you make lies for imaginary internet points?

    Especially at the cost of this adorable dogs reputation.

    Shame on you

  • We’re naming reposts now?

  • I have a folder on my phone labeled “cutest dog I’ve ever seen.” It only ever has one picture in it. Whenever I find a cuter dog than the one that’s in it, I replace it with that new dog. This dog is now the dog in that folder.

  • Is that all it takes to get karma? Post a pic of a cute puppy and make your title “Reddit, meet [fake name here]” or something similar?

  • Have a downvote, lying OP

  • Why must you lie, OP?

  • Oscar de la GoodBoya

  • That’s not your dog, but alright.

  • He’s adorable AND he gets to play on the beach ? Not fair
    I want both …

  • Oscar, Speak!

  • How did the dog make prints one way but face the other for the photo?

    They are stamped

  • aww hi little pupper

  • If only it were in focus :/

  • I’ve definitely seen this picture before. Anything for karma I suppose.

  • Sorry OP, I’ve seen this post before.

  • Is it wrong of me to hope all of these adorable husky puppies are adopted up in the northern half of the USA? I wouldn’t have the heart to own one here in Florida even if he was free.

  • Oscar, meet karma court

  • Can we be friends, Oscar? He said yes. Oscar is my friend.

  • Got those black eyes, like a dolls eyes…

  • He has won my heart over ^-^

  • upvoted for not putting he’s a “rescue” in the title like every other karma whore

  • OP is a L I A R B O Y E

  • Owner: Oscar speak!
    Oscar: FUCK!
    Owner: good boy!

  • Leo DiCaprio had to wait a long time to meet him

  • Oscar winner!

  • Yay, another purebred bought from a breeder…


  • Give Oscar an Oscar award.

  • Oscar, meet guys.

  • Now I want an Oscar

  • This is the cutest puppy I have ever seen in my life

  • Anyone else imagine him with Samuel Jackson voice?

  • “I’m a snow dog. Why the hell did you bring me to a beach?”


  • **Fake** That isn’t fucking oscar, its Eduardo. Just google search this image and you get a million results. Fuck the OP

  • Absolutely Adorable

  • Hi, oscar!!!💜

  • Hi Oscar, I’m nominee

  • Karma chameleon

  • hi oscar nice to meet you

  • Aww he’s adorable!!

  • 😍

  • ITT: People salty at OP for claiming it’s their dog when OP never said so.

  • Did he walk there backwards?

  • Ruhro Roscar

  • Not your dog, it’s name probably isn’t Oscar either.

  • I’m in ❤️ with your adorable puppy!! I just want to snuggle him and give him treats!!

  • I love his little paw prints in the sand.

  • This made the top of my feed? Ya know what, I’m ok with that.

  • He doesn’t look like a grouch

  • Pleas up vote i need Karma!

  • I wish they stayed small forevwr

  • He looks photoshopped into the pic

  • *- Top comments are all about how OP stole this photo and shamelessly passed it off as their own*

    *- Still has 35k karma*

    Nothing suspicious about that at all.

  • puppy doggo loves you!

  • Hi Oscar.

  • /u/LanDannon tell me more about him!!

  • Half Life 3 confirmerd

  • Oscar is best doggo

  • What kind of dog is he?

  • Omg. I love Siberian Huskies. I’m normally ‘whatever’ when it comes to dogs but have a fondness for them ❤️

  • [nice repost]( and it ain’t even your dog… attention-seeking OP

  • this dog will be a terror.

  • Husky dogs always get more up votes. This is fucking racosm!

  • He looks so cute and at the same time you know he’s gonna grow up to be a naughty boy.

  • I love him.

  • Husky or Pomsky perhaps?

  • Oskie boy!

  • Luh him <3

  • Aw. I knew a derpy Oscar once upon a time. Poor pupper.

  • but he doesn’t look mexican

  • Repost or not, those little paw prints were worth seeing.

  • You mean….. Awwwwscar??

  • I think a piece of me just died over this high level of cuteness….

  • Look everyone a liar and reposter!

  • So fuzzy!!

  • awwwww

  • That’s one cute ass dog. Shit.

  • he is cute

  • How do people get their dogs to stand still for photos, seriously? Mine aren’t even puppies any more and they’re still too wiggly for pics except when they’re passed out.

  • Hi, Oscar. Good boy!

  • Is he a mini husky?

  • Umph, i literally just felt a tug in my heart from the cuteness over load. Puppies are the cure for this world, I tell you…

  • Awe, Oscar looks like a good boy

  • This has just melted my heart!

  • He looks like my dog who passed away last year, dang the feels 🙁

  • It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die.

  • Sweet Christmas that’s cute

  • I love oscar ❤️😭

  • Hi good boyyyy♥️

  • Boop!

  • You talkin to me…

  • I’d subscribe to a sub of this guy doing puppy things

  • Careful, direwolves grow very fast!

  • I’d rather not, thanks.

  • He looks like trouble…

  • the paw prints made me awwww 🙂

  • Awwww sweetness!

  • SUP buddy.

  • Awwwscar

  • What’s this young prince’s breed?


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