Guy went to take out the garbage and found these cuties

Guy went to take out the garbage and found these cuties

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  • Cutest litter I’ve ever seen in the garbage.

  • Who throws away 4 perfectly good raccoons?!

  • I’m a 911 operator, and I recently had an elderly woman call me about someone putting “exotic killer animals” with “black and white stripes like zebras” into her basement while she was gone. It ended up being a family of raccoons hiding from the storms.

  • Ah. The elusive coon platoon

  • I hear trash pandas always spawn back to the refuse pile of their youth to regurgitate their young.

  • i hope he found a way to let them out, often they fall in for food and cant get out because they are still young

  • I hope you helped them out, I doubt they can get out of a dumpster on their own

  • Recycle! You monster.

  • The server has arrived with the buffet.

  • This only made me think the horrific thought of how many of these cuties are crushed in the back of garbage trucks every year 🙁

  • Cute? More like rats with striped tails

  • Ensign Mendon: We are from the same geo-structure. Naturally we look alike.

    Wesley Crusher: How do you tell each other apart?

    Ensign Mendon: We just do.

  • These fuzzies might not be able to climb back out. Stick a pole down inside at an angle so they can climb out easier or something long enough to reach the rim.

  • I worked the night shift at a rural grocery store for a year, and had more than my fair share of encounters with coons. Trust me, they are assholes.

  • They have thumbs I had one try to stick one in my butt one time

  • 10/10, would get rabies. Too cute not to.

  • The horrible rabies death was worth it for the snuggles.

  • Those things are bad news bears to have around you know how many chickens of mine they killed 😂😂😂 so cute so deadly what cute assholes

  • Soooo, what did he do next?

  • Does nobody in your area recycle?

  • Do you not recycle? Not even plastic bottles?

  • Those little things will scratch and bite you to give you all their trash panda diseases, gotta be careful

  • T R A S H P A N D A S

  • Lol they are cute until they eat all of the fruit off your trees in your garden

  • Trashy Trash Pandas

  • Those things will attack you if you aren’t too careful lol

  • Cute little trash pandas

  • I can’t look at these little critters the same after getting a few removed from under my house.

  • “We’re just sorting the recyclables for you…”

  • Obviously he’s never been chased by one

  • Found in the dumpster, four furry youngsters, and that’s the wa-aayyy, they Beca-aame, The Trash Panda Fam-uh-leeeee…

  • The upper two look like they want to rip your lungs out.

  • OP lives in Pawnee, IN.

  • Pack of rakins…

  • Little King Trashmouth

  • I call the big one Bitey.

  • Anyone remember the cartoon movie about dogs?


  • Just keep your eyes out for their mom.

  • I have never seen a raccoo / panda in real life but heard a lot about them.. they look so innocent.

  • There was a family of raccoons living in my porch roof. I was going to knock the boards on the underside of the roof down, so they stop coming. But, the babies were too small and we thought we’d give them a little time to get bigger. After a few months, they looked really big. So, we ended up knocking down the porch roof planks. You won’t believe the amount of shit that was up there. Their shits are almost as big as my dogs – and they had been piling it up there for months. I had to go get a biohazard suit and stuff. They’re cute, but a lot of trouble once they make a home somewhere.

  • Oy it’s a pack o rubbish burglars!


  • So… Did you save them? Or call a wildlife rescue?

  • awww cut lil’ trash pandas!

  • Oh! They are so very tiny!

  • They protec (dumpster) but also attac (with rabies)

  • Raccoons are not cute. They are unpredictable, vicious, and dirty.

  • A delightful surprise.

  • I read that as “these c*nts”..

  • /r/trashpandas

  • Pandas!


  • Not one trash bandit? 🤔

  • Trash Pandas!!!!!!!!!! They are such cuties!

  • Baby Trash Pandas!

  • Look like pandas to me

  • Attack of the Trash Pandas.

  • Oh!! The Obama family! Gross!

  • U know what hot dogs are made of?

  • Trash pandas…

  • Trash pandas in their natural environment.

  • I’m not a biologist, but I do believe that’s some sort of panda.

  • Racoon are the buzziest creatures.
    Wish they had them over here.
    I would likely have one.

  • I hope you shot them shortly after, they are pests, vermin that carry disease.

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