Guy starts crying when sentenced

Guy starts crying when sentenced

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  • His inexperience in babysitting??? Seriously. I’ve known inexperienced babysitters. Inexperienced babysitters let the kids eat too much junk and the kids get sick or they let the kids stay up way too late and can’t figure out how to get them to settle the fuck down or they can’t get the kids to eat because they don’t know how to make the food right. They don’t fucking beat the children to death.

  • Fuck that kid. Good on the judge for restating the kids phone call to his mother.

  • Hahaha kid probably didn’t realize they obviously record those phone calls. Fucking scum

  • >I would give my life for Austin!”

    Well, looks like you got your chance.

    What a fucking scumbag man. I love that the judge threw that phone call back in his face, and I hope it hurt.

  • Even his own lawyer knows he’s got nothing to work with

  • > Unfortunately for those who would celebrate this as a “victory” for justice, the New York Appellate Division later imposed a lesser sentence on Schumaker for his wrongdoings. They didn’t absolve him of guilt. They just felt 25 to life was too harsh a sentence, given his history of mental illness, so they knocked the total incarceration time down to 18 years before Schumaker would be eligible for parole.

    [Article from Feb 2017](

    Edit: What a piece of shit. Fuck that guy.

  • Didn’t help he had Charlie Kelly’s uncle as a defense attorney.

  • I remember this one well. No sympathy for that fucker. None. Little kids that age are pretty durable. They constantly fall, run into shit, and otherwise get hurt without dying. I survived a pretty brutal car crash at that age, with no car seat. You really have to give it some effort to beat a two year old to death with your bare hands. When he says he “didn’t mean to hurt him”, I just don’t buy it. He had to have been hitting that kid like it was a grown man, and for a good amount of time, to kill him. Fuck this prick. He deserves nothing less than the same fate.

  • I can barely register that he actually said that to his Mom on a phone call, for such a smug prick you’d think he’d know the calls are recorded from prison. It just doesn’t seem like any sentence is good enough but I’m glad he didn’t get the minimum at least, that judge is doing his job right.

  • Oh, he’s going to have a bad time in prison.

  • My son was very colicky. He cried pretty much for the first year of his life, non stop. When he wasn’t sleeping, eating, or shitting, he was crying. I did a lot of dumb shit. I begged with him verbally like he understood what I was saying, I slammed my head into a wall, I hid in the closet with some ear plugs, I tore through a pillow with my bare teeth and screamed into the stuffing, I even sparta kicked a tree in the front yard until my leg felt numb from the vibration.

    But never once, NEVER FUCKING ONCE did it cross my mind to physically hurt my child. This kid is scum. I hope he never has the chance to be around another child in his life.

  • Dude is full of shit. Can’t beat a kid to death by accident. Lawyer saying he can’t control his anger, no shit, we all have problems with that, but we don’t go killing kids as a result.

  • “I didn’t mean to hurt him!”. No, you just beat him to death.

    I love that lawyer’s defense, Jesus…

  • [removed]

  • > “I would give my life for Austin!”

    Something tells me that if circumstances were such that if he offered up his life, Austin would magically come back to life, this kid would go back on those words. People say those kinds of things because they know they can’t happen. They don’t *truly* mean them, they just want credit for the sentiment without having to actually commit anything substantial toward it.

    I agree with the judge this kid is a manipulator.

  • Fuck that loser.

  • He wasn’t actually sentenced in the clip though…

  • What a fucking idiot

  • Imagine that, the guy who beat a kid to death for crying can’t keep his shit together…

  • “…All I have to do is cry in front of a jury…” Lol you played yourself

  • I’m a 16 year old blonde all i have to do is cry.. well he isn’t completely wrong. Also fuck him. Feel so bad for the little kids mother

  • How do you beat a toddler to death? To be able to do that is absolutely inhuman.

  • “I didn’t mean to hurt him” oh well in that case you can walk. /s

    Seriously he took a child’s life. It’s not like the kid ran out in the middle of the street and he accidentally hit him. He hit the kid, repeatedly. How is that accidental? No mercy for child murderers

  • I’ve heard people in prison don’t take kindly to those who harm children or mothers…. Hope he gets what he deserves in there….

  • Good riddance.

  • They should beat him till he stops crying.

  • that boy got little ears

  • Are they going to beat him until he stops crying in court?

  • I don’t think letting everyone rot in prison is right. There should be more reform and care to help people move on with life.

  • >23 month old

    JUST SAY 2

  • Should be sentenced to death

  • [deleted]

  • This is an argument for birth control on so many levels.

  • He got what he needed

  • I upvoted after i heard how long he will be locked up

  • This kids sucks. This just reinforces to me that our politicians need to stop seeking gun control and legislate more controls on who has kids. Mandatory birth control until you get a license after being evaluated for your fitness as a parent.

  • Blaming it on his lack of experience in babysitting? It doesn’t take a babysitter to know not to beat a kid to death.

  • r/oddlysatisfying


  • Let me guess: “this is not who I really am!”

  • Wrong title. Guy starts crying BEFORE sentence. Very big distinction considering the phone call to his mother.

  • Since this was posted in 2014, any update on this POS?

  • *A clear case of be a man and kys.*

    damn shame he didn’t preemptively kill himself before the child.

  • /r/justiceporn

  • Booty house for this motherfucker.

  • Kill yourself.

    That’s how you can give your life for little Austin.

  • Good, fuck that piece of shit.

  • /r/JusticeServed

  • I don’t know if the guy feels actual remorse or if it was all a ploy (I’m inclined to say a bit of both), but regardless of that. How can you hit a 23 month old child? At that age they’re are so small they can’t even reach the top of a kitchen table, small enough to get knocked over by a hard gust of wind.

    It just blows my mind anyone would have it in them to harm such a small and fragile thing.

  • he will be crying for the rest of his life now

  • what did he say in the phone call?

  • I couldn’t watch anymore after they showed a picture of the kid that was murdered. That toddler will never have the simple things in life like riding a bike on two wheels or a day at the museum that ended with a happy meal. Having and raising a child is the most gratifying experience in life – though i wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

  • I’m a nanny. I have never had kids of my own. Fucking pussy. This is when I start advocating for lobotomies. He’s 17 and proven that he can’t do a basic task, make him the vegetable that he acts like.

  • He got blown the fuck out.

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