Guy saves kitten from highway

Guy saves kitten from highway

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  • That could have gone so wrong

  • Several years ago I was driving down I-94 on my way home from work and traffic was stopped on a bridge due to construction. I glanced over to my right and noticed there was a tiny little kitten just sitting on the concrete barricade on the side of the road. I got out of my car and picked him up. At that time I had a dog that did NOT like cats so I wasn’t quite sure what my plan was but I knew I couldn’t leave him there. As I was walking back to my car a lady in a van behind me shouted out “what are you going to do with him?” So I asked if she wanted him. She said “Yeah, my daughter will love him!” Ended up saving a kitty, making some kid’s day, and finding a way to pass time while stuck in traffic so I call it a win.

  • Once found a box of 5 kittens in a basket at my job (Walmart.) Me n friend bought them food and water. Kept them in the back all day. I named them too.

    A couple got adopted that day and the rest went to a shelter. The leader kitty (Captain Jeffery) was adopted by a co-worker and she renamed him the nanug I think. She says it was Japanese for polar bear. Fuck you Ashley his name is Cap. Jeffery.

    Edit: [Here’s a picture of Captain Jeffery. Looking ever so brave](

  • Yikes! That was dangerous.

  • I work in an autoshop, and a customer came in with a kitten that got stuck in her engine bay. We asked “how do you know?” And she said “I heard it mewwing”, to which I asked “well, have you heard it lately?” She says “no”. My heart drops. We open it up, find it, pull it out, and oh my gosh it was alive and a great looking kitty. And that’s how that lady got a new kitten.

    Not sure how relevant it is, or how well I told the story, but I thought it was cool.

  • A few years ago, I watched a guy throw a box of kittens out of a moving truck on a very busy road. Most of the kittens made it to the side of the road, but one had his back legs run over. I will never be able to get the image of that poor baby dragging its back half hurriedly as to not get hit again. I was a wreck after seeing that. How can people be so cruel? This guy is a hero in my eyes. Restores my faith in humanity.

  • This is how I got my second cat, who we named Spoopy. A few years ago I saw him ran over on a median, his lower half was entirely paralyzed. I ran him to the vets in the area and none would treat him, only euthanize, so I took a chance of trying to nurse him back to health. He spent 4 months in a closet, nobody able to get near him, until he made a miraculous recovery. He’s got half a tail and his back legs are a tiny bit wonky sometimes, but other than that, after 2 years, he’s in great health and the most loving cat imaginable.

  • I’m surprised ppl stopped.

  • Looking at the raised highway it seems inconceivable a kitten got there; more likely someone let it out from a moving vehicle with nefarious intent.

  • “Seven people just died in a horrific car accident, but the kitten’s safe.”

  • My daughter and I saw a kitten on the road about 6 months ago. Luckily it was right after a stoplight so I was able to slowly/safely stop traffic to grab him. Took him to the vet for a quick check up and then took him to the county pound (that just happened to be closed that day)… Took him home and had to feed him with a medicine dropper for a couple days… didn’t know if he was going to make it since he clearly shouldn’t have been away from his mother yet. He pulled through and needless to say, we kept him. His name is Watson. 🙂

  • ..and he throws it off the bridge

  • That’s Bangkok.

  • More like “guy picks up kitten on highway and leaves reddit up in arms of what he did with it after the video stopped.”

  • But no one would that for a squirrel, raccoon, or anything like that.

  • Every comment is a story about witnessing animals dying on a highway in a horribly detailed way. Go back now

  • Hey guys what kind of car is that black one?

  • The amount of people commending this person in this thread has me incredibly frightened for my safety on the road. Yes, their heart is in the right place but you SHOULD NOT stop traffic on a busy highway for any reason whatsoever. Aaaaand here come the downvotes when I say that the life of any animal is simply NOT more valuable than the average human’s. I know it hurts to hear but it’s the truth.

  • I did that once with a snapping turtle when I was younger, luckily it was more of a rural highway than a major highway so it was much less dangerous.

  • Props to the guy in the car too

  • He is putting people’s lives at risk, to save a kitten .

  • A woman did this on a Montreal highway a few years back. Long story short a mother got to watch her husband and daughter die in the resulting accident.

  • *Sigh*

    My cat got killed by a car today.
    While this cat looks too young to be someone’s pet, I want to thank anyone who saves animals on the road like this.

    I feel bad for whoever hit my cat. The crazy SOB always did dart across the road like a maniac.

  • Some idiot just did this in Canada and killed a man’s 16-year-old daughter who was on the back of his motorcycle.

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