Green Ranger and Lord Zed For Power Rangers Sequel

Green Ranger and Lord Zed For Power Rangers Sequel

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  • I hope they cast another relative unknown actor for the Green Ranger. I barely knew anything about the actors in the movie so I found their performances more believable.

  • Spoilers.. I liked that little teaser for the Green Ranger at the end of the film.

  • What are the odds that instead of going through the whole “Rita turns Tommy in to the Green Ranger, and then he’s evil for a while, and then he isn’t evil anymore” story, they just make Zedd a threat that Rita has to team up with the Rangers to fight, and they help her slowly remember how not to be terrible? She’s already technically a Green Ranger.

  • I want Gordon to be alive as a bit of golden ooze that makes its way to the local zoo and atraches itself to many of the animals fusing into a winged wolf-like ape creature with golden armor.

    Then he flies to the moon where Repulsa is frozen in a green crystal, and when she awakens she says

    ‘Aah, I’m free. It’s time to conquer the Krispy Kremes.’

    *Cue logo and theme*

  • Interesting to see he thinks the PG-13 rating hurt the film, given the fact that most of the MCU is PG-13.

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