• Rubicon also had an excellent intro :

  • I really loved the feel and aesthetic of this show. So strongly influenced by 70s political thrillers, and with such good performances from all the cast, particularly James Badge Dale.

    I only found the show long after it had been cancelled, so at least I wasn’t that upset, as I usually am when shows I really like get canned.

  • Rubicon is like a type of juice here that always seems to be in the store but no one ever buys or drinks

  • i loved this show; i think given today’s spate of tv shows it would do better if it aired now, but the slow burn was too much to hold out for.

  • The show always reminded me of the Futurama episode, where Calculon had the option of investigating the explosion in the fireworks factory, or do more paperwork.

  • I really wish this show got a second season. It was extremely flawed but had a lot of potential and I was really looking forward to see where it was going.

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