Grandpa gets a pair of light up shoes

Grandpa gets a pair of light up shoes

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  • I have never been that happy in my adult life.

  • That’s Ted Thorne. He was the principal at our local K-8 school for many years and he loved the kids’ light up shoes and often commented on them. He wore his new shoes to the Christmas concert last December and demonstrated them for us.

  • Looks like he at first was afraid then he acted like he was just excited.. 😊

  • This is grandpa’s reward for living in to the future. Gj gramps. 🙂

  • He reacts just like Steve Martin, glorious.

  • That just made my day watching that

  • So r/wholesomememes

  • We never really grow up do we?

    It can always catch us by surprise no matter.

  • Give him some wheelies and he’d either break a hip or have a heart attack.

  • I will upvote this no mater how many times I see it..

  • **OP /u/londa77 is a Bot**

  • I seem to be in some sort of strange time loop that doesn’t let me escape this moment.

  • This is a repost but I don’t care. This warms my heart every single time I see it.

  • Again?

  • General reposti!

  • I about dropped my phone from surprise to his reaction.

  • Awesome viral shoe ad.

  • I dunno why this makes me so happy, but that Grandpa is fucking rad.

  • I keep seeing “repost”, but I couldn’t care less. This is the first time I’ve seen it and it made me smile. Thank you. 👍🏼

  • The only light up shoes I ever wore were LA Gear(?) back in ’89/’90.

    These look dope as fuck honestly.

  • I can only imagine what shitty gifts this grandpa’s family has given him his whole life if he’s excited over light up shoes.

  • Light up shoes are fucking awesome. Takes me back to the 90s

  • That old guy turned back into a 9 year old boy in a flash.

  • How old is this gif? I feel like I’ve seen this so many times now.

  • This is a repost that will never fail to make me laugh, thank you OP

  • Oh, has it been a whole week already?

  • Repost

  • Repost.

  • r/mademesmile


  • This is a proper wholesome video, I enjoy seeing it every couple of months. I honestly hope I get that excited when I’m older.

  • I needed to see this. thank you

  • We got grandpa a heart attack for Christmas.

  • This is the best thing I’ve seen on the internet in a while.

  • r/youseeingthisshit

  • He’s ready for his first rave.

  • So what shoe is this? They actually look rather stylish. Especially for light up shoes

  • In my head I have this same reaction to most things with lights in/on them.

  • so cute .

  • Im still young and I don’t get nearly as happy at the little things as I should.

  • Tragically it turned out the were kidding him.

  • He probs gets alot of oldie shit like clothes and this is probably his first fun gift in a long time

  • I like the one where pops gets a puppy

  • This grandpa got me geeked

  • u/clarissa42

  • My grandpa would just tell me to get that new-fangled trash out of his face… He still uses a flip phone and won’t upgrade from a 20″ CRT TV.

  • …and it’s officially legal in Nevada.

  • My roommate who is 30 was super depressed for a few months. I told her to get some wheelies and get over it (depression was over dating related shit). She did and she screwed around on those things for weeks. She’s married now. Unfortunately now I have 2 roommates. Maybe if I kept my mouth shot I’ve have a house to myself.

  • I always wanted shoes with lights when I was kid. my coudnt afford them so I can relate how happy one can be by receiving such wonderful gift.

  • 😄👍

  • Aww. I just love his reaction.

  • MIC

  • This never gets old

  • This was proven fake the first time it was posted.

  • This was proven fake the first time it was posted.

  • I love dis guy

  • I am 58 and would love some light-up shoes. It’s awesome. At this age you can do shit like this because you don’t give a rat’s ass what other people think

  • r/wholesomememes

  • Coolest grandpa

  • Almost gave him a heart attack

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