• That works for me. Excited for Gotham. Gets a bad rep, but David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) and Sean Pertwee (Alfred) are freaking fantastic.

  • Hope S3 makes it to Netflix soon enough for me and the wife to catch up before the S4 premiere leaves Hulu.

  • > Fox’s new Thursday lineup was originally slated to debut during premiere week, on Sept. 28. But with The Orville launching with a special two-night premiere on Sunday, Sept. 10 and Sunday, Sept. 17, immediately following NFL doubleheaders, tthat would’ve created an eleven-day gap between the second Sunday airing and the time slot debut of the sci-fi series. The time gap has now been cut to four days.

  • The sooner gotham comes back the better. One of my favorite TV shows of all time.

  • Crossing my fingers that Orville is the one sci-fi show on Fox that gets to last past one season without the network gutting the show.

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