Good news, Redditors! We are Matt Groening, David X. Cohen, Billy West, and John Dimaggio, here to talk all things...

Hello Reddit! We’ve returned to the 21st Century to answer all your puny human questions about FUTURAMA.

We are Matt Groening (series creator), David X. Cohen (head writer), Billy West (voice of Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, and more), and John DiMaggio (voice of Bender, URL, and more).

Matt Groening Proof:
Billy West David X Cohen and John DiMaggio proof:

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We’ll be answering questions here for a little over an hour, then right after our AMA ends we’re also doing a livestreamed video QA on Facebook…so talk to us there too! Check that one out on the Futurama Facebook page: from 2:30-3:30PM PST

EDIT: Thank you all so much for your questions. We’ve gotta run! A few of us might pop back in now and then to answer some more of your questions. Check us out at 2:30PM Pacific Time this afternoon for more live streamed Q&A on the Futurama Facebook page – you can ask us even more questions!

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  • When you first started Futurama, how many seasons did you think it would last?

  • So I think the Series end was great, but if given the chance, would you do new episodes for streaming services like Netflix or Amazon?

  • After watching the live stream on Facebook last week I was absolutely floored by how many characters each of you voice and how you make them all sound unique. For the vocal actors, how do you find inspiration for each individual character you voice?

  • How much money would it take to crowdsource more futurama episodes?

  • How many butt tattoos of bender have you had to look at?

  • What year does the bending unit come out? I’m thinking of preordering but idk

  • What made Richard Nixon a recurring character? Why not someone else?

  • How much fun was it recording the DVD commentaries?

  • For John Dimaggio, I remember in one episode Bender ran into Jake from Adventure Time, Jake asked him “What time is it?” and Bender told him “Time for you to shut up!”
    Did anyone working on Adventure Time or Cartoon Network comment on that?

  • I tried about 20 times to get the picture of Fry, saying “Shut up and take my money”, on my bank debit card. The bank rejected it every time due to copyright. Understandable, but plz, I want this. Can there be a way to make it happen?

  • With Futurama leaving Netflix, I can’t believe I must revert to using my DVDs. So, my question is this: What is this, the middle ages?!

    Also: with Futurama off the air, what’s it like being a bunch of total Zoidbergs; desperately poor AND miserably lonely?

    EDIT: Rad! Thanks David.

  • Thank you guys for never truely letting this show die. As a fan it is great to see the people who made it care as much as the fans, even years after it ended.

    My question is more of a plea: Will you please release an official Comrade Greeting Card. I have been sending my mom gifts with that poem on it for years, and I need an actual card to give to her.
    Also, Who wrote the birthday song?

  • What state is New New York in?

  • Bill West, do you think you’ll sound like the Professor when you’re an old, senile, 160 year old man?

    I’m a *HUGE* fan of your work by the way sir. And Jon.

  • The continuity is amazing, Nibbler’s shadow under the desk, the Museum being free on Tuesday, and other such details. Are you guys really that planned out, and is there any off beat detail that you know us weirdos have missed?

  • Thanks for doing this AMA, meatbags!

    Matt: If you could go back in time and make any changes to Futurama’s characters/plot lines, what would you do and why?

    David: Were there any challenges that plagued the writers in the writing room? What were they and how were they resolved?

    Billy and John: What’s the strangest vocal direction that you’ve received in the booth? (Not necessarily during the production of Futurama)

  • What was the inspiration for Zapp Brannigan? And what led to giving him no pants (genius by the way).

  • For Billy: what do you think Fry’s best attribute is?

  • What the hell does “nine, ten, a big fat hen—the name’s Bender” mean?

  • What is the favourite musical number that you’ve recorded for the show? I’m a big fan of the Devil song with the Beastie Boys

  • Billy: What was your favourite voice to do on the show?

  • So, we know Mom’s first name is actually Carol, but do her, Walt, Larry, and Igner have a last name?

  • Which would win in a fight, Luck of the Fryrish or Jurassic Bark?

  • Not sure if you were aware of its existence, but there’s [an entire subreddit]( of people who fall asleep to Futurama. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a shitty or stressful day and put on an episode to help me go to sleep and try to make the next one better. Thank you so much for creating something that, when I didn’t have any friends, made me feel like maybe I did.

    Question: One $300 hookerbot or 300 $1 hookerbots?

  • Any chance we’ll see more Futurama episodes or movies in the future? ^^^Please ^^^please ^^^please ^^^say ^^^yes!

  • is there any joke you guys put into the show that you were really happy/proud of that maybe wasn’t noticed by viewers? or got the reaction you wanted?

  • Hi Matt, not Futurama related, but you went to my high school and elementary.

    On Wikipedia it says you based Mr. Burns off of Mr. Bailey (who is still at Lincoln). He’s been asked multiple times if it’s true but consistently denies it.

    Mind giving us confirmation on the Bailey – Burns connection so I could show him myself?


  • You guys are awesome! I love the show and I love your guys’ work.

    My question for Billy and John is you guys have done a TON of voice over work with tons of different characters in and out of Futurama, so what was/is your guys’ favorite voice and character you have done?

  • Why does Ross the largest Friend not simply eat the other five?

  • We’re finally starting to see some manifestation of smart robots in the home (Roomba, Kuri, even Amazon Echo). What does Bender think of these robots, and the others that will eventually be his ancestors?

  • Could we please make a monument in your honor, Matt Groening?

  • Hey Futurama team!

    I love the show and have watched all of the seasons several times, and one of my favorite things about the series is the plethora of interesting and funny side characters. Whether they show up several times, such as Nixon’s head, or only for one episode, such as the Monks of Dschubba, the side characters help to make the show what it is.

    My question is, what is everyone’s favorite side character from Futurama?

    My personal favorite is [the greeting card]( from the “Mother’s Day” episode.

    Oh, and for Mr. Groening: can you tell us anything about your new show coming to Netflix?

    Thanks for doing the AMA, and have a good day!

  • In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy’s skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is a magic xylophone, or something? Ha ha, boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder

  • Hi there, thanks for doing this. What’s your take on the 21st century so far?

    Also, are you aware of [this giant mural in Asheville, North Carolina](

  • Weirdest request ever: Sir Billy West, how much would you charge to call me on my birthday and say something to me in the Farnsworth voice? I could die a happy man after that, and it’s been on my bucket list for awhile.

    I’m totally serious, I would pay a dear price for such a favor.

  • My toddler found Futurama on Netflix, on her own, and loves it. I’m very proud of her, and it’s nice to have something I can stand to watch with her. Just thought you should know, there’s a brand new generation growing up on Futurama. Has anyone else told you about their kids watching Futurama?

  • Is there any particular episode that you’re especially attached to?

  • Why is there a magician in Atlanta?

  • What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

  • Jurassic Bark. What the fuck man?

  • For John:

    Bender is my favorite cartoon character of all time and I quote him daily! What was your favorite episode voicing Bender?

    For Billy:

    What was your favorite moment from playing Nixon’s head in a jar? Also I grew up hearing your voice as Doug and Stimpy, so thank you for being a part of me growing up!

  • For Billy:

    Did you have to rest more than the other actors because you voiced so many characters on the show? Was there any character in particular that strained your voice more than the others?

    If you have time for one more: Did it hurt to voice Jackie Puppet?

    I’m a big fan of your work!

  • How did you guys come up with the phrase snu snu?

  • Have you ever thought about a series dedicated to the life of scruffy?

  • First off, I cannot thank you guys and the entire cast and crew of Futurama for creating such a personally influential piece of (dare I say it?) art.

    David: How has your academic career influenced your writing? Was a career in writing something you pursued during grad school or did it ‘just happen’?

    Billy & John: Your ability to just slip into your characters is nothing short of magic, but I’ve always been curious to know what you do to warm-up before VO sessions.

    Matt: I’ll be moving to LA in a few weeks. In the incredibly rare possibility that I see you in public, what should I absolutely, positively, not do if we meet?

  • How do you feel about socks and sandals?

  • What the real percentage of metals that Bender is made out of?

    You guys are amazing!

  • Question: I have always wondered about the iconic joke introduced in the pilot. “Pizza delivery for…. I.C Weiner.” Did you mean this joke as Icy, like cold weiner? Considering he’s in the cryogenics lab, or did you mean it as in I see weiner, like visually? I realize I’ve probably thought too much into this, but I’ve been watching Futurama for years, and I’ve always wondered that.

    Thanks Guys!

  • My favorite episode is Roswell that ends well. What are your favorite episodes?!?!!?

  • How fleshed out were the characters initially and how much of their “growth” happened naturally as the series progressed?

  • What is Amy’s obscene tattoo?

  • Any Futurama fan knows there are some episodes that just sucker punch you right in the feels. As the writers/cast/crew, are there any episodes that were particularly emotional for you to create? If so, which and why?

    P.S. thank you for giving me a show to feel at home with all my adult life. Futurama is love, is life.

  • Hi guys! In the episode ‘The Why Of Fry’ Nibbler intriguingly refers to Leela as ‘The Other’ – a plot thread that wasn’t picked up on again. Can you elaborate a bit about what, if anything, this was in reference to? Thanks!

  • This question is for Billy and John,

    What advice do you have for an aspiring voice actor? Is being located in Los Angeles a necessity or is there a better way to be recognized?

  • Can we ask questions about Futurella too??

  • I have two questions:

    1.In the episode “The Why of Fry”, what did Nibbler mean when he referred to Leela as “The Other”?

    2. What do you think of the idea of Fry and Leela having a child together?

  • Whenever I ask my husband about extra money he always responds with “Blackjack and hookers” and leaves it at that lol. Whenever I have something to say I blurt out “GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!” regardless if its good or not.

    Just curious, do you guys use lines from the show in your real lives as funny answers? If so, which are your favorites?

  • Billy and/or John: What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever asked you to say in character? For example, I’d love to be asked to knock some very sensual boots by Zapp Brannigan or be verbally abused by the Professor.

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