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  • [Lights Out](https://youtu.be/FUQhNGEu2KA)

    Edit: Replaced the link with the actual creator’s video, thanks /u/UsernameWanker

  • I wanted to sleep, but I guess that’s not happening anymore

  • I had a gif of just the girl turning off the light that I would drunkly send to my friends late at night.

  • “Can you get the lights please?”

  • my only response to that would be to go straight under my covers, wait for that thing to get near me and then throw the blankets onto and overtop of the thing, struggle with it to the ground, then stand up as it’s trying to untangle itself from the blankets and just stomp it-repeatedly. Then I’m moving to another hemisphere

  • Man.. the other day I opened my eyes to a lady walking towards my side of the bed completely ignoring me and I freaked the hell out because of how real it felt. This reminded me of that. The thing was though she seemed like your typical ghost from the movies (medium long hair that kinda covered her face and she was wearing a white gown) so I think my imagination was playing tricks on me. Still freaky sleeping by yourself, opening your eyes and seeing that.

    Maybe a little less freaky than that one time (in the same room) when I had sleep paralysis and there was a small kid who was holding my door open and just smiling. There I am laying in bed, trying to shout and not a single word comes out. Good times.

  • The best scene from this short film.


  • What the fuck is this from?

  • Never seen anyone so enthusiastic about bedtime.

  • I don’t know why but this pissed me off more than creeped me out.

  • Was gonna fall asleep after a few more minutes of Reddit. Nevermind

  • You fucker.

    (Is that ok to say on Reddit? I’m not sure. I’m sorry. Still mean it though.)

  • Reminds me of the terrible dream I had last night. I woke up in the morning and out of my window right outside my bed, some creepy ass bloke was staring at me with a weird smile. There was nothing really creepy about him but just the way he was staring at my…brrrr. I am 15 so I made the assumption he was a pedophile seeing as he was fucking watching me sleep. So I shouted at him and then he grabbed me and tried to pull me out the window. That’s when my dream ended. For like a legitimate few hours I thought it had actually happened until I realised I live a few stories high. It still scares me to think about it…

  • I would have turned the light back on. “excuse me!!! do you mind!”

  • Global warming !! Better save energy !!

  • Just WHAT IF she straight up sucker punched it with a hard left jab. Like broke his nose, blood/monster goo sprays (channeling one punch man adrenaline hype type hit), what would a movie monster do?

  • Ozzy go home man I’m tired

  • It’s shit like this that made me afraid to open my eyes as a kid when I slept, afraid that when I would open my eyes or turn my head something was waiting on the side of the bed, watching me

  • Its 4am here!! I was about to go to sleep!! Why would I click on this!! I recognized what it was in the thumbnail!! I hate myself. Im going to r/aww to try and get this out of my system.

  • Thanks lamp bro. Lowering my power bill.

  • This is super creepy also: [Bedfellows](https://youtu.be/0z6xGU2_g9s?t=41)

  • Reminds me of Ozzy Osborne

  • “Annie may have an unfortunate case of lock-jaw but she makes up for it by helping out around the house.”

  • It’s 5 am and I’m still awake. Thanks so much.

  • Ah, Lights Out. One of the most unique horror films made in these last couple of years.

  • Okay so one day I fell asleep with YouTube playing, dozed off for a couple hours, and woke up to this shit. Checked my history, it was the only scary thing to play, and it just so happened to be this as I was waking up. Scared the shit out of me.

  • The girl here is so much creepier than in the actual film. (This is the lights out short film which eventually became ‘Lights out’.)

  • I want to believe I’d go down fighting the fuck out of anything that is trying to end me.

    I can rationally surmise that anything that attacks you in a moment of shock like that has played its strongest offensive hand already.

    It’s likely expecting you to cower and accept your fate. Fuck it, I’m going out swinging.

  • I mean she seems kinda nice, turned the light off for her

  • Lucky you keep your gaffer tape next to your bed

  • This actually looks pretty funny without sound/context.

  • The more I watch this, the creepier it gets

  • When I was growing up there a few instances where a friend or family member would startle me and for some reason my instinct was to just rush them.

    Probably not the smartest idea but in this instance whatever the fuck that thing is wouldn’t see it coming.

  • This is how my husband looks at me while he turns the lights off every night -_- jerk…

  • I have my phone with me 24/7 use it as a torch or juts the brightness of the screen. Also my room doesn’t go pitch black when lights are off so would still be able to see at least the figure. Apart form that I don’t see any weapons so it a fist fight

  • I wish I had someone to turn my lights off for me.

  • I’d would just fuck that, I mean just look at that mouth you can’t tell me those aren’t dsl’s

  • God, fucking warn me with this shit, ass fucking christ

  • Lights out was much better as a short film.

  • Thank you, helpful light-turner-offer ghoul.

  • Shel looks like she just told a joke and is watching the reaction of the other person.

  • Creeps on!
    Creeps off!
    Creeps on, Creeps off, The Creeper!

  • The slight widening of the mouth as she turns off the lights really does it.

  • Must have stubbed her toe

  • Id straight punch that cheeky bastard

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