girls trying to be helpful

girls trying to be helpful

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  • “Jesus H Christ, why did I not just get out and do it myself”

    — Every guy, ever

  • Wow they can’t seem to work that pole.

  • I spent a long time wondering where it was going, but then the payoff was worth it.

  • So those hinges are fucked

  • /r/therewasanattempt

  • They *had* to be stoned.

  • Would’ve loved to hear the audio. I bet when the 3rd girl walks up to help and starts lifting too, the dude in the car loses it.

  • Towards the end, it just looked like they were getting ready for their next IG/Snapchat pic.

  • Why are women like that so bad at doing….anything

  • Don’t correct me, I was doing it my way!

  • futurama

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