Girls are better than boys at collaborative problem solving, finds new OECD PISA global education survey

Girls are better than boys at collaborative problem solving, finds new OECD PISA global education survey

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  • It’s worth mentioning that this study article also includes that
    >This is in sharp contrast to the findings of the 2012 individual problem-solving test which found that boys performed better than girls.

    So I think the more complete conclusion is that boys are generally more effective at individual problem solving while girls are generally more effective at collaborative problem solving

    [this link]( allows you to go further into the data used. just click on the map and it allows you to sort/compare

  • Does the study *only* measure the quality and accuracy of the final result? Or does it also take into account other metrics such as the groupmates’ rapport amongst each other, how well they got along, etc.

    I’d have to guess that male students would be much more outcome-oriented, giving personal feelings and group rapport a backseat in pursuit of a higher-quality result, whereas female students would take those into greater consideration, placing a higher emphasis on cohesiveness within the group, and making sure each group member felt as if their opinion or contribution was valued, and willing to compromise slightly the final product in order to be able to do those things.

    It’s apt to think a study on group collaboration would test those things. It’s a shame the study doesn’t actually break down the criteria any further so as to better pinpoint the specific areas boys were deemed to lag behind in. Instead readers are just left scratching their heads over a broad “girls are superior to boys in teams” conclusion.

  • That’s a tough thing to measure objectively. I would question their methods.

  • The punchline being we need more girls and women in STEM?

  • I my experience groups of any sex or mixed sex are vastly worse at prolem solving than an induvidual of either sex. At least in people of college/university age, some sort of group stupidity.

  • But unfortunately, society tends to acknowledge individual performances.

    Who was the first group to walk on the Moon? There were thousands of people working on that, right?

  • [removed]

  • That doesn’t explain the flood of woo and ignorance that pours from mommy groups…

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