“Getting deported by Trump” Halloween costume

“Getting deported by Trump” Halloween costume

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  • costumes like this make me realize how uncreative i would be at thinking of costumes

  • Never skip leg day.

  • These costumes always mess me up

    I know how they work, but just looking at it trying to see where the hands, arms, feet and legs would normally be just messes with me

  • Good guy Trump helping a girl with polio

  • As a young Mexican-American female myself, I’m definitely stealing this.

  • As if trump would carry a box himself.

  • Trump grabbing a woman’s box.

  • Missed the chance to use baby-sized gloves.

  • How many times will this get reposted.

  • Juan of the best costumes I’ve seen yet.

  • Both hilarious and not funny at all at the same time.

  • In other news, this kid’s days of hosting a NYE special are over.

  • Typical gallowboob repost

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  • Gotta work on filling out those legs.

  • Make Halloween scary again

  • This is the kind of talent we need to focus on keeping in our country. A+ costume, kid.

  • Sort comments by controversial

  • I bet moderators are going to lock the comments in Three…. Two…

  • Much less controversial choice than the “Hollywood star blowing Harvey Weinstein for a job” costume.

  • Thanks for the idea!

  • is there one of obama since he deported a fuck ton as well?

  • This manages to be both the funniest and saddest thing I’ve seen for a while.

  • ITT: a shocking amount of uninformed nationalism.

    TIL border control is the only thing keeping nations from falling apart. Let’s not look at the EU while we’re at it.

  • just a warning to sensitive people and/or anyone frustrated by ignorant comments that is coming to this comment section: don’t fucking bother, turn back now, and finally, I warned you.

  • Trump would hire a mexican to carry the box.

  • I don’t understand how people think enforcing the law is so evil. If someone doesn’t want to be deported, they shouldn’t have come to the US illegally

  • That is hilarious

  • How many times can this picture possibly be reposted and get to the front page

  • bwhahahahahah

  • Great job, but his hands are far too big

  • 2/10 – hands too big.

  • One arm should be coppin a feel for more authenticity

  • Ah fuck, it’s time for the annual Halloween culture war, isn’t it? Can’t wait.

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