• Author seems kind of mad at Jaime:

    *Like many a Hollywood moneymaker before him, Coster-Waldau, thinks he doesn’t owe Littman any of his GoT big bucks or anything else since he canned her company back in 2015. As the two sides also battle over arbitration, what makes this a bit more complex than the usual Tinseltown commissions dust-up is that the Danish-born actor was self-admittedly helped by his near decade long relationship with Littman in getting the immigration paperwork and approvals that allowed him to work in America and take his career to the next level.*

  • Hopefully he will demand a trial by combat

  • > ” On the one hand”

    I see what they did there.

  • And here I thought a Lannister always pays his debts..

  • If he fired them in 2015 then multiple hbo contracts would have been written while he had impression entertainment representing him. I assume he paid them 10 percent of his revenue from GOT from 2011-2015 right? Would that not mean that he still owes them money from contracts they helped him land for s7-8?

  • I’ll bet it’s his new representation pushing for this that’s how it comes of to me

  • How is it unreasonable to have a contract for future earnings when you invest, essentially pro-bono, in talent? It’s like a lawyer working pro bono for an accident victim — not reading the contract doesn’t mean the lawyer isn’t entitled to the agreed upon payment when the case finishes.

  • Seems like an ass move to be honest.

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