• This is what I told myself after I, a grown man, spent several hours perfecting a minecraft player skin of my fursona.

  • But now how am I supposed to feel superior to people I don’t know?

  • Needs wholesome flair

  • Since when is Doctor Who cringy?

  • But uh…. what if I actually do find us really cringey?

  • “cool” has always had a strong element of refusing to participate in things others enjoy. Often, it slides a bit further, into criticizing or mocking those who participate in popular things. In its worst incarnation it involves derision of the very concept of sincere enjoyment of anything. For as long as I can remember (and watch old movies; it’s even longer) there have been assholes willing to get a few quick social points by being too cool to participate in anything, and ready to use anyone who shows earnest enjoyment as a social scapegoat.

  • I always liked to define “cringe” for my purposes as a gross violation of personal boundaries. To impose on someone else in a way that violates them.

    So, say, someone in a fursuit isn’t cringe, but in some settings if it’s considered socially inappropriate like at a wedding it could be imposing on the boundaries of the people organizing it. And if you are on the street and run up and asking for a hug from a stranger, you’re definitely crossing personal boundaries.

  • I bet this is going to end up on /r/cringeanarchy

  • Well, I’ve participated in almost all of those things. I’m still waiting to have a life. :

  • Since when is minecraft cringy? I get the 8 year old wannabe youtubers being cringy but its a nice relaxing game.

  • Yees! Be happy! <3

  • yes please.
    Just because something popular clog up your youtube homepage or whatever doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.
    Just because you’re on the internet doesn’t mean you have every right and don’t have to think of other peoples.

  • you will regret this

  • I enjoy cringing.

  • I agree with the sentiment. As someone from /r/all and not a furry I get the hate can be unbearable. Their pass time might be cringing at you, (I’ve done it occasionally) but your pass time is being a dog or something. In reality your entertainment is hurting no one and their laughter is at your expense. It’s a shame, but at least you’re not negative. Just keep on moving I guess.

  • Honestly the only thing that has ever made me cringe was “STAR WARS: Jar Jar’s Journey Adventure Book” for PC. Seeing that for the first time made me physically uncomfortable.

  • Don’t trust him, he’s gon na touch that with a problem.

  • i dont want to do any of those things

  • And if you are on the internet doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist.

  • I guess I was a walking cringe before it was cool

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