• A quick flick of their spinners and a loud autistic shriek as they claimed victory as theirs with a ceremonial dance.

  • So cringeworthy.

  • Ewwwww, I don’t think you realize how bad this actually is.

  • Friends who have camcer together, die together.

  • I think I am most impressed with this, not because of the timing, but because they all had to unlock that emote out of supply drops.

  • Could of went with “Friends that whip together, stick together.”

  • Is hat a real emote?

  • Is this what has become of call of duty? What a shitty looking game. Im glad the devs added the ability to nae nae instead of trying to make a decent game.

  • [deleted]

  • I love this! I think it’s GREAT!! 😀

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