Freudian hit.

Freudian hit.

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  • man after the dream I had the other night, I really needed this. Thanks.

  • I feel you dude. Let’s all go beat this guy in our dreams up together.

  • I feel like the title of this post is much better than the joke itself.

  • Wait are you the guy who watches TV on DvE

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  • “it’s not that I still love *punch* you, it’s just that I can’t *puch* stand to see someone beat up a girl”

  • Just a straight up comment right here

  • I like the joke a lot but I don’t get the title.

  • actually all he proved was that the only reason he’d stop violence against a woman is if he wants to fuck her.

  • Defending someone you once cared about is being a decent human, it doesn’t mean you’re still have “feelings” for them

  • Is there a punchline I missed or is this just supposed to be a sad joke?

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