Fox News Apologizes for Featuring Veteran Who Lied About Being a Navy SEAL

Fox News Apologizes for Featuring Veteran Who Lied About Being a Navy SEAL

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  • When I was in the Navy, I never once met a SEAL. I went to boot camp with a little group of pre-BUDS or whatever… but never met an actual SEAL.

    However, as a veteran the moment I reveal I was in the Navy… Everybody and their chiropractor was a SEAL, almost a SEAL, is bffs with a SEAL. You can’t swing a dead squid without hitting seven SEAL related people.

    Seems like we had so many SEALs… Why even bother with the Marines? Hell, maybe I was a SEAL and just never knew.

  • A guy from my high school does this. He tells people he was in a military and did a tour in Iraq when in reality he was in prison for sexual assault, which is his biggest accomplishment in life.

  • How come people pretending to be Navy SEALs is a relatively common occurrence? Like, what’s the point?

  • was his name Neil McBiel?

  • Don Shipley (the Navy SEAL who hunts down fake Navy SEALs) has an amazing justiceporn Youtube channel.

    You can watch it here.

  • >“It got bigger and bigger,” Mr. Garofalo told Navy Times. “What I did I‘m ashamed of, and I didn’t mean to cause so much disgrace to the SEALs

    Oh bullshit. If he’s ashamed it’s because he got caught. You don’t impersonate a SEAL for years if you’re ashamed of it.

  • > “The fact is that he did not serve in Vietnam,” Fox said in its statement.

    > “He was never a U.S. Navy SEAL,” it continued. “Even though he showed us medals, Garofalo was not awarded two Purple Hearts or any of the other nearly two dozen commendations he claimed to have received, except for the National Defense Service Medal.”

    Hang on. So the *only* thing he had from his stint in the military was the [McDonald’s Employee of the Month]( medal?

  • *Mr. Shipley obtained Mr. Garofalo’s military records and discovered he was an impostor. He then contacted Mr. Garofalo directly and confronted him. Mr. Garofalo admitted that he had lied and said that he was going to contact Fox and ask for the story to be retracted.*

    *But Fox did not retract the story, even after Mr. Shipley called the network himself to report what he had found. The segment was watched more than 1.5 million times on Facebook.*

    Probably didn’t matter too much to correct the story 2 weeks later.

  • Not the first time.

    Won’t be the last time. I’m sure most of the people who saw the fake opinions, repeated for days never saw the retraction ‘apology’ that probably only aired once, at oh-dark-hundred.

  • Why do they always try to be SEALS? Pick a fucking boring ass POG job and say you stayed inside the wire your whole deployment. You’ll still get your free fucking dennys.

  • My ex-girlfriend was in the Army and didn’t even make it through basic training. They sent her home after 2-4 weeks because they “couldn’t handle her” (her words, not mine). She will proudly tell you shes a veteran. I have never been in the military, cant serve due to a disability. I think to call yourself a veteran after not even making it through basic is kind of pushing it. Or maybe im just an asshole lol…..

  • Good for them I guess? Took 11 days from the time they were made aware he was a hoax, meanwhile they got all their sweet click-money.

  • Fox had a CIA expert who wasn’t.

    Fox had an expert on Sweden who wasn’t.

    Fox now has a Navy Seal who wasn’t.

    You can’t trust Fox News.

  • I’m sure Fox aired their apology with the same frequency, using the same sized font, and using the same amount of airtime as their original story, right?

  • Easier to say sorry than to ask for credentials.

  • Sums up Fox News pretty well.

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