Found this in an alley in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Found this in an alley in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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  • I love Sofia Bulgaria on Modern Family.

  • [Theres a complete picture of this on the artists website] (

  • Looks like a cuphead boss

  • Lsd must be popular there

  • Bulgarian Baba Yaga?

  • I’ve seen some amazing grafiti here in Bulgaria(not that I have traveled a lot). Unfortunately a lot of them are illegal.

    I think I watched a documentary about parkour, grafiti and water in sofia the other day. It was pretty bad, but it did bring up the point of painting old communist buildings that won’t be sanitizied(or whatever санирани is translated).

  • This is just some cool artwork. Love the creativity and color work.

  • Reminds me of an old folk tale with her holding the house like that.

  • This sub should just be called /r/creepyart.

  • Thought this was r/art for a second

  • I couldn’t even conceptualize such and image, let alone bring it to fruition via spray cans

  • Is it luring birds to eat them

  • The kallikantzaros (Greek: καλλικάντζαρος, pl. καλλικάντζαροι kallikantzaroi; Bulgarian: караконджул) is a malevolent goblin in Southeastern European and Anatolian folklore. Stories about the kallikantzaros or its equivalents can be found in Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey. Kallikantzaroi are believed to dwell underground but come to the surface during the twelve days of Christmas, from 25 December to 6 January (from the winter solstice for a fortnight during which time the sun ceases its seasonal movement).

  • Sofia has some of the best street art, I have seen some amazing work walking around there.

  • I recently visited Sofia, and it really feels like the graffiti artists have stepped up their game.

  • [removed]

  • r/iam12andthisiscreepy

  • I love Sofia, and I cannot wait to go back

  • It was made by bulgarian graphic artist bozko. Do check his other stuff out, he is amazing.

  • This WOULD be in Sofia.

    I spent NYE 2013-2014 there. Such a post-soviet dream. Lots of dark vibes there. A truly desultory place.

    I loved my week there. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how dark and gray everything was. Walking around the city at night made me feel like electricity was introduced there just a few years back. And that food was still rationed.

    I stayed with a local friend in one of the remarkably drab apartment blocks outside of the city. There was spray paint in the staircase that read: “Fuck off.” I was conflicted between:

    1) I will, in another 5 days, thanks…and

    2) I kind of want to move here

    I took a 16 hour train ride from Budapest, over night, in the dead of winter. I could see my breath while lying in my bunk, felt like my passport was checked 150,000 times by men of questionable trustworthiness, and the train moved about as fast as a fat man heading towards a salad bar.

    Also, despite the no smoking signs everywhere, I spent what felt like half the ride just smoking and drinking with my buddy, one of the conductors, and one of the cafe attendants right in the hallway of the train (outside of the bunks). They gave zero fucks, so why should I? It’s the kind of attitude that gets me going. Or smoking on trains.

    When my friend’s girlfriend asked how the journey was, I mentioned that it was shocking how slow the train was, and that they really make it difficult getting into the city. And she said, very deadpan, “Maybe we don’t want strangers coming here.” The welcome mat was officially rolled out!

    Sofia…I simultaneously hope that I never see you again and that I visit you again tomorrow. Can’t say that about any other city. But I can say that about many women in my past.

    Thanks for the good memories!

  • Awesome!!

  • /r/streetart

  • I saw this! Another cool mural beside that one

  • Gerald Scarfed?

  • You guys. Why is /r/creepy everything *but* nowadays?

  • Looks like a cuphead boss

  • *What’s this rather queer looking contraption?*

  • The colors are brilliant

  • could be a cuphead boss

  • I dated a Bulgarian for a while… wow! Memories!

  • Looks like something out of Cuphead

    Someone should hire this guy as designer for a horror game.
    Shits gonna be amazing

  • How do you say “yikes” in Bulgarian? Creepy. Beautiful artwork. But creepy.

  • Hello Neighbor

  • Leaked boss for Cuphead 2

  • Looks a little like a Cuphead boss.

  • Dat Bozko.

  • Looks like a cuphead boss

  • I see you, Cuphead DLC boss, I see you.

  • *All ‘n we are just another brick in the wall*

  • Looks like it could be a boss in Cuphead…

  • Looks kinda like a boss that would be in cuphead

  • Kinda reminds me of The Hut of Baba Yaga

  • Heck yeah; Bulgarian street art on the front page!

  • Upvoting cos it’s cool, not because it’s creepy.

  • It’s a kallikantzaros

  • I am surprised at how good these street artist are not that i would want that on my wall but still very nicely done.

  • Rusev machka!

  • So that’s what happened to Shelley Duvall.

  • I want some of whatever the guy that made that is on

  • Literally says the artist name right there. Why is it so hard to give credit? Big ups to Bozko – [interview with the artist](

  • Saguaros in Bulgaria?

  • She needs to trim her bush

  • I feel like I need more of this person’s artwork.

  • Buratino but creepy?

  • Looks like a Cup head boss

  • womanlet ;-;

  • Remind me to stay out of alleys, ok?

  • Would the shadows for the legs look like that? Seems off 🤔

  • For some reason it reminds me of Crispin Glover.

  • Someone likes to go to sleep right after eating day old pizza.

  • Nice drawing

  • Long boy appreciates a nice house.

  • This is traditional decorative artwork celebrating Rusev Day.

  • Looks like an Otto Dix painting

  • The umarked white van really ties it all together

  • Is it aroused by having birds on its nose? Or is it going to eat them?

  • Reminds me of Coraline

  • Hot dogs or legs?

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