Found at a local shop

Found at a local shop

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  • “& Ian”

  • I’m just mad that it costs $5 when the cover’s pretty much peeling

  • “Pass the whore, n***er Jim.”

  • My time to shine

  • I didn’t even notice it at first because the title is so ingrained into my brain. Nice catch.

  • Fuckleberry Hinn is a great porn name.

  • Well Huck me.

  • Man just wait till all of those people who want to ban the regular book get a load of this edition.

  • Is this a re-imagining with an all male cast?

  • Aah, interracial I see

  • Eh, why would anybody ban Finn Huck and his raft Ian?

  • …and their friend, Wigger Tim.

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