• old news

  • who cares?

  • and more pandering to the morons.

    Gotta tick those boxes!

  • yep, looks pretty gay.

  • Oh, good.

    I always felt that TNG would have been perfect if they’d made more plots focus on, say, Wesley or Barclay’s sexual identities.

  • Wrong, the character of Sulu in Star Trek Beyond was gay. Watch the scene where the crew disembarks from the spacestation, as Kirk is talking to …spock?, in the back round Sulu greets his husband and daughter and they wander off as a family. George Takai actually objected to the change in the Sulu character because he said that he always played the character Sulu as straight.

  • Wrong

    Sulu in Star Trek: Beyond was confirmed to be gay, you know with the scene of him and his husband and all…

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