find you a fren who does you a happy like this!

find you a fren who does you a happy like this!

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  • Regular Oreo & Golden Oreo

  • haha look it is me and /u/Pick_Up_A_Weel_Gun asking pls for boops or schmackerinos or just a pat on the head is ok or mabey we can wear ur sunglases for a bit thank

  • [deleted]

  • What breed of doggos are these hecking good friends?

  • This is Ace and Holly from the instagram positivedogcare!! SUPER SMART DOGGOS. Their owner Dai is a whiz at doggo training; watch his videos of these 2 superstars in action!

  • **Best Submission EVER**


  • Doin a heckin fraternal twins

  • These doggos are vvv smart! [Check out their Instagram](

  • This picture is doin me a big happy, thank you fren


    That’s ace and holly! They are good doggos. Possibly the best doggos.

  • what a heckin pair!


  • I can do a hecking smell of their breaths from here

  • 2 boops for the price of one

  • Vvv gud advice!

  • H A P P Y B O Y E

  • Both those snoots are getting booped.

  • Beautiful puppa teefs

  • The look so sof

  • S M I L E Y B O Y E

  • I love it! I wish there was a single person that made even a little happy, let alone as happy as these two!

  • Hi BC frends!!! BC pupper here likes you verrry much and also asks if you would like zoomie time?

  • Frendos where do I find a fren like this? 🙁

  • I have a friendo like this and she’s the bestest but I miss her 🙁

  • Is that a Brittany on the right?

  • Are these your dogs? They look very similar to a friend of mine’s.

  • One on thr rights Faaaaallcoooorrr!

  • My heart can’t take it😍

  • Holy crap. Had to do a double take. My dogs are your dogs twins and they are also best buds. I’ll post a picture!

  • Those goodboyes will make my hooman fren a vv happy one!

  • Love them

  • Are these the 2 super smart collies I remember from other posts?

  • Beautiful furbabies!

  • Legit us though /u/ImmaturePickle I call being the little golden one though

  • It’s pronounced frind

  • Good work


  • The black one lost a small tooth.

  • Dōmo arigatō, Mister Roboto. thank fren. oh heck, thanks frendo <3.

  • Is that a lilac or a gold border collie?

  • Both are mutts
    Half terrific half amazing

  • The way people people talk in this sub is like pig latin for furries. Anyways look how cute those asldkfslkfdjalksjd puppies are!

  • They could be not happy and we just assume that from relating their facial expressions to our own

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