Finally found one worthy of this sub!

Finally found one worthy of this sub!

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  • God..Looks like a cat in heat waiting to be mounted.

  • If I had a daughter and she came home with the owner of that car, I’d move away and never tell her.

  • I wonder how often those tires need replacing

  • Is it just me, or is that car VERY out of place?

  • Looks like it’s melting right into the pavement like an ice cube

  • Looks like a Denver metro neighborhood. Reunion?

  • “I scraped my splitter on second street, it makes all all the ladies want my uncut meat” – RCR

  • The people next door have a dog that does that on their grass.

  • Sure. It is slammed enuffff. We know.

  • The word motorsport doesn’t belong anywhere on that car.

  • Can that car even drive?

  • That has to handle like a flea market shopping cart.

  • Traction is so overrated anyway

  • Completely stock Ford F150. Try again, op.

  • “motorsport”….. riiiight

  • Someone scrape this piece of shit off the pavement.

  • I love a lowered car but its the squashed camber that does me in from a performance point of view… Your car is on like 25% or less of the tread making all handling aspects atrocious… And then you put a turbo in it like ??????

    More power + less traction does not equate to a better car

  • Remember to rotate your tires every 5 miles and change them every 50!

  • These are my favorite cars to see. I have a Miata that’s pretty low but I still like to get in and out of my driveway

    [bae] ( for those who are curious.

  • SLIGHT camber looks good, this is just too much. I cringe when I see shit like this, can’t believe people think it looks good.

  • How is this shit deemed street legal?

  • Why do people fucking do this

  • #S T A N C E

  • Kill it with fire

  • This is what my dog looks like after a walk.

  • I won’t lie I like a lot of designs and shit that gets upvotes on this sub but I will never understand the angled wheel aesthetic… It just looks awful. I can’t see how anyone thinks it looks cool at all.

  • Where we’re going we don’t need roads

  • Rolling in the shop like “I want speed bumps to fuck my shit up fam!”

  • #hellaretarded #stancelyfe

  • The sticker should say “IHATETIRES”

  • That’s a lot of camber….

  • It’s not modded, it’s sleeping.

  • What confused me is that at first the photo was only loading the white truck in the back. Spent a good minute trying to find out what was wrong.

  • FL

  • Thanks for reminding me I have two months until 2000 of these little fuckers swarm my lovely hometown for a week of annoyance at H2Oi.

  • I bet he’s white and openly says the N word

  • Looks like it fell from a great height.

  • How is that much camber adjustment even possible? Where do the front struts mount? Are they banana shaped? I bet the stretched tires help some also, but seriously, how is this done? Isn’t that the last generstion of double-wishbone Civics? Is the top one removed or modified? Wow. No comment on the style, but the mechanical is extreme.

  • So is this sub shitty car-mods or shitty-car mods? I feel like this lands in either category.

  • This seems like a take on the japanese VIP modding scene:

    still very stupid though

  • Why would you take a picture of it while it’s taking a pee?

  • Speed bumps must look like walls in front of that car.

  • More rice than your local Panda Express

  • Somebody should install speedbumps at both ends of the street at night and laugh as he would be unable to escape.

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