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Feministic Opinion Voiced

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  • Obvious troll. Come on guys. And [repost](https://tineye.com/search/09228e01098f8f161b2409c3b383b27b2c2b3ddd/)

  • This is over the top satire, just like 90% of those “cancerous” posts from SJWs that people around Reddit like to pass around as evidence of how “all liberals” think. This person is exaggerating a stance in order to get a rise out of anti-feminists.

  • If this wasn’t OBVIOUSLY FAKE AND ANCIENT I’d say that’s not a feminist, that’s mental illness.

  • That’s not feminism. That’s crazy and she gone full cray-cray.

  • Circumcision takes away sexual pleasure? I think mine was done wrong then, because sex is still awesome.

  • I don’t believe that is actually a feminist view, lady. She must be trolling, right?

  • This is why I’m coming to believe Poe’s Law is just an excuse for people who can’t detect obvious satire.

  • Take away sexual pleasure ?

  • This is so fucking fake

  • And people like her are the reason everyone thinks feninists are men hating witches….

  • Dafuq did I just assault my brain with?

  • The truest troll you will ever see.

  • That’s not feminism, it’s misandry. And child abuse.

  • this is pretty clearly fake

  • Good thing my dick is so small that it acts like a turtles head and stays tucked in like im uncircumcised!

  • Is that HaileyM?

  • Holy shit, this biddy needs to take it down a peg or two

  • Real feminists prefer equality over anyone first, wether it’s a man of women

  • Whoa, that’s not a feminist that’s a nutjob..

  • One: Baby boys are, in the aspect of physical strength, the exact same as baby girls.

    Two: This shit why I’m an Egalitarian, and not a feminist.

  • i hope no baby boy is unfortunate to come out of this bitch’s vagina.

  • I can smell your fedora from here

  • Yeah cuz feminism wants to take away male sexual pleasure 🙄 Fuck this title imo. I’m pretty sure only nerdy neck beard virgins believe this because any guy who’s been with a woman know everyone getting off is exactly what makes sex awesome. 😏

  • ….and that’s not a feminist

  • Ha! Circumcision only lets me last longer.

  • Wow I really hope she doesn’t have children at all

  • I think the point where either way it’s misandry.

  • This looks like a prequel synopses to the story of Edmond Kemper.

  • Do people really think being circumcised takes the pleasure out of sex? smh

  • People like this should be sent to Antarctica in shorts and a tank top.

  • This was her Match profile.

  • What an absolutely horrible person.

  • This person should not breed

  • Is it me or does her profile picture look like she is wanking someone off?

  • Mental illness is sad.

  • If this person is indeed real, it seems like she thinks she’s making some groundbreaking statement of empowerment. Really all she’s said is REEEEE REEEEE REEEEEE REEEEEEE REEEEEEEEE REEEEEEE!

  • So let me see if I’m understanding her belief right… she thinks that we can bring about gender equality by attempting to weaken one gender rather than empowering the other. I mean, that’s basically the mentality behind Affirmative Action.

  • [deleted]

  • [deleted]

  • I gets its ancient af and probs satire but people with these kind of views need to just be put down, no questions asked. Fuck them.

  • Fucking insane, I tell you!

  • Y’all can I please say this isn’t actual feminism this is just some chick who thinks she can disguise misandry as feminism

    Not trying to kill any jokes, just wanna help feminists stop getting such a bad tep

  • What is wrong with people, seeeeeriously!!!???

  • Die bitch

  • Misandry lives.

    All hail the disposable male.

  • …Mommy? I promise I won’t objectify you like that again 🙁
    I’m so sorrrrrhrrrhrrrrree momma!!

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