• [Here’s a movie about women during World War II](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104694/)

  • I am guessing you are talking about Dunkirk. Outside of some extreme feminists nobody cares about who is complaining about the lack of women in the film?

  • >there **is** no women

  • I’ve had the argument before and I haven’t heard of many feminists that are against women in the draft

  • As a feminist, I think that if men are required to sign up for the draft, women should be required as well. The fact that it’s men-only is completely outdated and unfair. That said, the U.S. draft hasn’t been enacted for 44 years, so maybe it’s time to find something a bit more modern to get mad about.

  • Hold on a second here. It’s the conservatives who don’t want women in the draft, not the other way around

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  • nobody but your strawmen are upset about there not being women in a wwii movie

  • Social groups don’t fight for equality anymore, they fight for advantage. That’s all you need to know about identity politics.

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  • That’s not what feminism means at all, in fact it’s kind of the opposite. The post is a straw man. Stuff like that leads people away from ever actually having productive discussions about anything.

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  • Hollywood is so awful at fucking up history it’s only a matter of time before they find loopholes to put women in WW2 movies.

  • that happened

  • Anyone interested in women in combat during the Second World War, there’s a Lyudmila Pavlichenko movie as well as a Night Witch documentary. Many others as well, although I’m not sure they have any good English translations or subtitles available.

  • Nice straw man ya got there

  • There are a number of fantastic stories about the vital role North American women played during both world wars. I’m sure there are stories from around the world about the active role women played. I imagine some would be of movie quality (Canadian woman engineer who designed WW2 planes and factory with a large number of women making her planes, for example). But I wouldn’t expect to see women in Dunkirk. I’m not sure why this would upset people. It’s just that women were not included in some historic events.

  • This is ridiculously inaccurate. All of my feminist friends are for drafting women.

  • Feminism and hypocrisy go hand in hand.

  • Feminism is cancer.

  • Gets mad that history happened the way it did

  • oxymoronic title

  • I brought this point up to girl one time who I thought supported women having a bigger role in society. I was wrong, she told me she thought a woman’s place was in the kitchen.

  • There sure are an awful lot of upset people commenting on this post.

  • Haha, the pleasantries in this thread are pretty funny. You guys are joking, right?

    Edit: banned for trolling. Seems I’ve unnerved someones delicate senseabilities.

  • Wants equal rights

    Doesn’t want to register for selective service

  • I’ve thought that for years, but it’s an unpopular opinion. If you want equality, then women should sign the draft just like men. We’re equally allergic to bullets, are we not?

    What they really want is privilege.

  • [deleted]

  • scumbag sara

  • Are transgender persons required to register for the draft?

  • Whos the chick? She’s cute

  • *are

  • Talk about a sub full of idiots incapable of doing basic research to know the difference between feminism and misandry. Wow.

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